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/ Series / The Married Life Of Immortals
The Married Life Of Immortals
The Married Life Of Immortals
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In an alternate Earth where neon lights and shadows blend seamlessly, Bane Takashi prowls the underbelly of Neo-Tokyo. A skilled criminal and master thief, Bane's latest heist leads him into a perilous trap: he steals an artifact that draws the attention of forces far beyond his understanding.

Enter Eve, a mysterious figure from a dystopian future where the lines between reality and the virtual game world of War of Dominion Online have blurred, enslaving humanity. Eve offers Bane a perilous deal: travel ten years back in time within the game world, master its every magic, skill, and ability, and thwart the dark future awaiting mankind.

Bane is thrust into the enchanting yet dangerous Village of Heroes, where he must train for three grueling years. Along this journey, he forges unexpected friendships and meets a girl who inspires him to pursue a personal goal, one that transcends the mission of saving the world. Along the way, this person become everything to him, even if she tries to kill him from time to time, But make no mistake—Bane is no shining knight. He is an anti-hero, driven by his own code and survival instincts.

As the clock ticks and the stakes rise, Bane's journey through the immersive realms of Dominion Online will challenge his very essence. Can a thief with a shadowy past become the hero the world desperately needs, or will he be consumed by the darkness within and around him? Probably not, but him and his wife will figure something out!

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ActionAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyMartial ArtsRomanceTragedy
Abusive Characters Accelerated Growth Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Arrogant Characters Artificial Intelligence Beautiful Female Lead Bickering Couple Blacksmith Body Tempering Clingy Lover Couple Growth Criminals Cultivation Dungeons Gods Heavenly Tribulation Magic Marriage Mythical Beasts Pill Based Cultivation Reincarnated into a Game World Thieves Tsundere
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