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/ Series / From My Head to My Heart
From My Head to My Heart
From My Head to My Heart
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The Omegaverse was conceived originally for the Supernatural fan base, but the BL world has co-oped it! Think human but werewolf-ish traits. The broad overview is that people have both a sex (male or female) and a gender (Alpha, Beta, or omega). All three genders are found in both sexes.

Male and Female don’t change generally, however:

Alpha Females are futanari but with both sperm and eggs, and all Alphas have penile knots (look up canine knot if you don’t know what that is). Monthly (or when pushed) Alphas have a rutting period when they are driven to impregnate someone, especially an omega. If an Alpha bites an omega, the omega may (90% likely) becomes physically bonded to that Alpha. Alpha are 20% of the population and considered ‘the elite’.

Betas have no special traits. They are ‘normal’ humans. 70% of people are Beta.

Omegas Males can be impregnated. All omegas have a monthly heat cycle that drives them to become pregnant. Because the omega heat pheromones usually effect Alphas and can occasionally effect Betas, there is a great deal of prejudice against omegas (think women in the workplace, 1950s, 1960s) and some places openly segregate schools and residences as omega only. Only 10% of the world is omega.

Bonding is chemical, like a werewolf bite. True (Bonding) bites break the skin and leave a lifelong bruise.

For more details, and BL reading selections, google ‘omegaverse’. 

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