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/ Series / The Eerie Immortal Path: Begin by Devouring Fairy Flesh
The Eerie Immortal Path: Begin by Devouring Fairy Flesh
The Eerie Immortal Path: Begin by Devouring Fairy Flesh
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Entering the world of cultivation, Brandon Jiang thought he was stepping onto the path of immortality, but little did he know, he was actually walking a path of death!

An immortal once said, "If you are not at the dining table, then you are inevitably on the dining table."

Humans are the spirits of all living things, endowed with natural dao embryos and the great medicine of heaven and earth.

In this world of cultivation, only by absorbing others' abilities and fortunes can one cultivate!Therefore, mortals are raised as Sacrificial Furnaces.If you don't absorb others, others will absorb you.

Brandon Jiang is unwilling to become a Sacrificial Furnace, nor does he want to commit heinous acts.

Until the fairy who loved him died in his arms, Brandon Jiang was driven completely mad.

Many years later, when Brandon Jiang looked back, he realized that he had become the most ruthless demon in the world.


Adventurers Appearance Changes Battle Academy Black Belly Charismatic Protagonist Confinement Delusions Evil Gods Fanaticism Investigations Loli Master-Disciple Relationship Master-Servant Relationship Multiple Personalities Murders Power Struggle Secret Relationship Seduction Special Abilities Stoic Characters Strategic Battles Sudden Strength Gain Thriller Trap Unique Cultivation Technique
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Table of Contents
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