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/ Series / Unsightly Gluttony
Unsightly Gluttony
Unsightly Gluttony
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4.3 (98 ratings)
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(New synopsis in the works, just make do with a short summary)

Our female MC who had everything gets summoned along with her classmates to defeat the future demon lord in another world, the kingdom that summoned MC found out that the MC was the future demon lord, and then decided to screw her over, but out MC screws the kingdom over first by killing one of her classmates, who was the Hero who tried to protect her.

After killing the hero she yeets out of there and then goes incognito for a year before re-emerging in the Deutsche Empery, which is basically fantasy Germany, as a rank and file foot soldier on the start of her journey to screw over the entire world this time by planning to start the Third World War.


What to expect;

> Hunger and thirst for the flesh and blood of the innocent (Light-hearted 'eating' scenes.)

> The isekai's main character not taking the 'i'm going to become an adventurer!' route (seriously, what's up with isekais and adventurer mc's?)

> A fantasy world which is basically a cut-out of Europe but with more fantasy

> Working in the fantasy version of Germany (totally not because i'm German)

> Many unanswered questions and cliff-hangers



>Some more blood

Information on Updates and other fun shit:

ActionFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiPsychologicalRomanceSeinenSupernatural
Accelerated Growth Aristocracy Army Army Building Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Blood Manipulation Boss-Subordinate Relationship Character Growth Clever Protagonist Demon Lord Demons Depictions of Cruelty Dishonest Protagonist Empires European Ambience Evil Protagonist Fantasy World Female Protagonist Genius Protagonist Gore Psychopaths Selfish Protagonist Twisted Personality Unrequited Love
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      Status: interlude 2
      Jun 13, 2020

      Like this novel, fell like a mix between youjo senki and the girl who ate dead god. 👍

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: prologue – unsightly dreams
      Sep 3, 2020

      I enjoy stories with a cold protagonist

      I also suck at writing reviews

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 19 – expected and unexpected letters
      Jun 26, 2020

      Unsightly Gluttony is an interesting story. The characters are well written and have a solid feel to them. Especially the main character.

      The story itself has a good pace to it and potential to be something greater. I believe the novel to be more character driven so there isn't much to cover here other then it's paced well enough to suit the characters growth.

      The characters are done well, while some aren't as notable as the main character, they still hold a place in the story. They have goals and their own drives.

      In conclusion, good novel. Read it if you like Youjo senki, it's similar to it as the review made by Oneeye said 

      (I'll probably add more to this review when I've read more chapters btw (emphasis on probably))

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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