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/ Series / The Villainess Chooses To Continue
The Villainess Chooses To Continue
The Villainess Chooses To Continue
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〖Confess your love.〗or 〖Reject the Prince.〗

On the day Priscilla met the prince, she was met with two hovering prompts. This happened again and again, appearing only at key moments in her life. As Priscilla continued to follow the flow of her choices, one day, she chose the wrong prompt; rejecting the prince whom she didn’t harbour any feelings for. Without any time to react, she died.

〖Game Over. Continue?〗

As Priscilla chooses to continue, she revives again...and again...and again...

Priscilla: Someone tell me, why do I keep choosing the wrong route?!

FantasyJoseiRomanceSchool Life
Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Female Protagonist Game Elements Love Interest Falls in Love First Love Rivals Otome Game Villainess Noble Girls
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