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/ Series / In the mind of an NPC
In the mind of an NPC
In the mind of an NPC
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After reincarnating into the past as an NPC, Girisia was faced with two options. Either to fall into despair and continue to barely survive in the lowest drenches of the society, or to make a stand and change his destiny to find out who played this ugly game with his life.

Now, if destiny is to be challenged, there should be nothing wrong in using the immortal resources that come in the form of Players.
After all, "A hunter cannot be accused of hunting a prey that is willing to be hunted."

My discord group....

Adventurers Alchemy Androids Beast Companions Beasts Cannibalism Cautious Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Corruption Crafting Cunning Protagonist Cyberpunk Depictions of Cruelty Fantasy World Game Elements Hunters Mutated Creatures Mutations Post-apocalyptic Psychic Powers Reincarnated into a Game World Transmigration Transported into a Game World
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      Status: 1.00 prologue
      May 5, 2020

      It is a cliché plot. There are many reincarnation, game elements and virtual world novels out there. In the mind of an NPC follows the same cliché plot, but it is unique in the terms of ideas and how it presents the world to you. The world building is enough to keep you on the edge and eager to know what happens next. The grammar can be improved upon. The writer probably lacks an editor. If the chapters still remain unedited after about 10 chapters, I will come back to reduce the rating by one star.

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