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/ Series / Dark Knight Densetsu
Dark Knight Densetsu
Dark Knight Densetsu
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4.0 (21 ratings)
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After losing his childhood friend to a popular boy Souji Karasuyama dies after being hit by a truck whilst floating in the abyss of death he hears a voice calling out to him and reaches out to the voice meeting a black knight in the process who gets absorbed, he finds himself in the castle of the Demon King. His goal was to defeat the Hero and his party all of whom are people he knew in his previous life. Now a new man he will live his life as a new being.

Angels Antihero Protagonist Demons Depictions of Cruelty Discrimination Evil Gods Gods Heroes Monsters Protagonist Strong from the Start
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      Status: chapter 7: a legend begins
      Sep 21, 2020

      this is almost an ankoku kishi fanfic, but unlike the ankoku MC who is shy and lacks confidence, the MC in this story is brutal from the beginning.

      in a sense this is not bad, but I still feel that it doesn’t fit very well, maybe it’s because I found the drama that happened in ankoku interesting, and to see this protagonist who doesn’t seem to have been affected by his childhood friend’s betrayal makes it seem a little out of place.

      I was there until "intermission 1", but I stopped, because the author decided to take one of the paths that I consider "taboo", he basically created a clone of the MC, and I think everyone already knows where this is going.

      with this clone now, I just can't read anymore, but up to this point the story was very interesting, the MC is OP, he seems to have some kind of plan formed from the beginning (although I don't know what it is, but it seems to have something to do do with the heroines that follow the hero).

      I don't know if the MC is dense or just doesn't care, but some women started to get close to him, but he doesn't seem to be aware of his feelings, or maybe he ignores it, but it's not bad and it doesn't even make you feel uncomfortable.

      in general, the story is very good, but unfortunately I can't move on, good luck to everyone who wants to read and to the author, keep up the good work.

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      Status: chapter 8: hope in the form...
      Jul 9, 2020

      This novel does give off that Ankoku Kishi Monogatari vibe, but it doesnt feel original.  


      Like the beginning of the story feels like Chinese rip off of Ankoku Kishi Monogatari and I feel like ive heard the names of the characters in this novel in some other places.


      I think the character development, story buildup and world building couldve been better, but idk im not an author lol.

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