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/ Series / Giant Robot Reincarnation?!
Giant Robot Reincarnation?!
Giant Robot Reincarnation?!
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4.6 (144 ratings)
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One day, I died.

And when I awoke, I found myself transformed into a giant robot?! And I have to fight in a massive alien war, with the survival of humanity on the line?!


A-At least my pilot is kinda cute... that's right! I gotta do my best to protect her! And protect myself! There are ravening cosmic horrors bearing down on Earth, and I absolutely refuse to get eaten by one!

Do your best, Sveta! Your second life as a giant robot begins now!
Since this story qualifies, I'm gonna enter it in The Adventum Contest under the "Reincarnated as an X" category.

ActionAdventureGirls LoveHaremIsekaiMechaSci-fi
The Adventum Contest
Aliens Alternate World Cosmic Wars Cute Protagonist Earth Invasion Female Protagonist Futuristic Setting Girl's Love Subplot Human-Nonhuman Relationship Non-human Protagonist Outer Space Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Reincarnated as an Object Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Sentient Objects Transported into Another World
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      Status: 33 - the haremlypse
      Oct 30, 2020

      The novel itself has a okay story though it has its cliché moments. There are additional perspectives multiple characters which only improves the story but sometimes I think that they are a bit too silly? Though some sillyness should be allowed since this is a pretty lighthearted novel.

      I recommend this if you like the sci-fi and yuri genre, take a seat and a cup of joe and start binge reading!  PS: But you should also take a look into the tags because you might miss the PIECE OF sh*t HAREM TAG, YES I AM A SALTY BOI BECAUSE YOU ADDED THAT LATE IN THE STORY!

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      Status: ?-1. catspaw
      Jun 2, 2020

      This is a gooooooood story.

      I can see that the author did (at least some of) their homework, coming up with alternate history for why the world is why it is. They didn't need to - they could have just said "SPACE COMBAT WITH ROBOTS AND ALIENS IN SPACE!!!11!!" and that's a workable setting. But no, backstory.

      And the backstory manages to find a realistic place to be inserted. Infodumps feel like you're exploring alongside the main protagonist instead. The author manages to make good use of the reincarnation aspect to set baseline knowledge.

      Perhaps the prologue is the worst chapter of the bunch. I feel a frame of reference is missing there - you don't quite know what's going on or who this person is.

      And as for reincarnated into an object, maybe an AI is a chickening out a bit, given that it quickly sidesteps the challenges of communication, sensory input and mobility that a reincarnated-as-an-object person might experience. But these are replaced by the main plotline instead. Additionally,


      there are hints of mobility issues with her frame being old and that refurbishing it would take a week, so mobility is still in play as a source of challenge to write about.


      The supporting cast doesn't feel flat yet, but I'm still in the first few chapters. The multiple-perspectives help, and they don't feel overused yet. You can see the chapters having prefixes for their POV. The S prefix is the main storyline; compare it to the total amount of chapters and you'll see that a healthy amount of chapters are dedicated to the protagonist. Even then, in most other-perspective chapters so far, the protagonist has been involved as well, so you don't have to worry that the protagonist will be left forgotten in a corner to allow the author to expand on space politics or something.

      TL;DR: It's a good story and any points I forgot to talk about were probably forgotten because I wanted to read more.

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      Status: s-32
      Sep 9, 2020

      it's okay story...

      rom com take lead and scifi take backseat. worldbuilding is not great as everything make to revolve around main casts.

      main casts is genius that can do what whole humanity cannot achieve. behave like anime characters (first world teenagers).

       some non-romance focus chapters are good.

      lore quality of alien and world's backstory in first few chapters are the best. make ad-ons look  meh in comparison.

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      Status: sb-1. the sveta maneuver
      Jun 4, 2020

      This is a gem. The characters are lovable, the action is awesome and easy to follow, the tech and background are interesting and thought out, and Sveta, in an interesting take, is notably not the silver bullet to all the world’s problems. Instead, she fills a previously empty niche that then lets the other characters shine, which is a nice alternative to the OPMC’s you can get elsewhere.

      The series combines the grim, desperate, end-of-times setting of Knights of Sidonia with the shipside hijinks of either Heroic Age or Vandread for a blend that transitions pretty smoothly between tense action and lighthearted antics, of course with Sveta ditzing through it all. Fair warning, if you hate the cutesy ~tehepero~ character archetype, stay away because that is our MC. Otherwise, welcome aboard, recruit. We’ve got a wild ride ahead.

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