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/ Series / Althea, the Grimoire.
Althea, the Grimoire.
Althea, the Grimoire.
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On a clear and sunny day, a young girl was playing at the park together with her friends, when suddenly, a large airliner suddenly spiraled around the air as it slowly came crashing down from the sky. Feeling something was off, the girl stared up in the sky before noticing the large airliner slowly crashing towards her, immediately the girl cried out to her friends, warning them of the impending danger.

But it was all for naught as after her first few words, the plane had slammed down at them with all of its weight. Leaving behind a scene filled with flames, and corpses together with loud sirens from emergency vehicles, later that day, it was reported that only one had survived and it was the young girl.

The young girl as the sole survivor was heavily traumatized on her hospital bed with symptoms of the survivor's guilt showing up. As the girl was deep in thought, she suddenly recalled a tale her mother had told her. The tale of the Goddess of Kindness and her counterpart, the Grimoire of Love.

"How nice would it be to become someone like the Grimoire of Love." The little girl murmured in her breath before her eyes closed as a loud beep echoed in the room.

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× Author notes: This story is more focused on GL and Slice of Life, and has less to do with action/drama.
• Theme: I was reincarnated into a Grimoire.

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• Illustration by taka_sui (
• Exclusive to ScribbleHub since May 17, 2020.

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      Status: chapter 72 – fairy.

      Let me get this straight, this is simply my personal opinion on the story and not the general.

      This series is pretty much something I would (and am) reading during times where I just want to read something easygoing, that is possibly what the author also wanted the story to go, maybe?

      It was also mentioned in the description that the story is mostly fluffy moments between our protagonist (Althea) and Alisha, so yeah. It is more focused on slice of life in my opinion. I pretty much enjoy the story so far, and really appreciate the author's efforts into the story.

      [I am sorry if I didnt make much sense since I am not from an English-speaking country but all I have to say is I really enjoy the series]

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      35 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 73

      This is a pretty good slice of life yuri novel even though I try to avoid slice of life novels like the plague, I forgot to read the tags! I really like the beginning since they had to try their hardest to survive their dire circumstances and had to rely on each other to survive day after day. Althea did not have a permanent body yet at that moment and I found it refreshing. But she easily gained one later after leaving the forest on so we never get to read about her in her grimoir form almost anymore :/

      After the beginning they started interacting with more people and reintegrating with human society, and this is where it kind of becomes a slow crawl for me as the slice of life is introduced. That change of pace actually made me a bit frustrated since I would have liked if they adventured a bit more around the world.

      I find that exploring that mech dungeon was too abrupt since the 'key' to the dungeon literally fell from the sky. And I also think that the school phase was good but that it did not really change the story or characters allot (probably just me and my short term memory caused by reading multiple novels).

      And even though I was ranting about it I still like to read this novel, so I would like to thank Koko for his hard work uWu.


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      34 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 6 – cooked rabbit

      Review contains spoilers for the first 6 chapters.


      The story has a rough start. It might get better later on.

      I have two main issues with this story. The first issue: this is a story about reincarnating into an object where one of the first things that happens is gaining the ability to turn into a human (thus voiding the whole "into an object" thing where you have the challenges of self-preservation, mobility, communication and sensory input to write about).

      The second issue is the high speed of the story. The prologue goes through transitions like a powerpoint presentation. A girl lands in a hospital. She delivers one line and then dies. Later, in chapter 6, one girl tells the other to go gather some branches. This branch gathering takes half a sentence and supposedly 10 minutes. So, imagine this in a movie or a play. One character says "we need some firewood", and the other character agrees and heads off to collect firewood. Now, there's a couple things a writer can do here. You can follow the firewood collector. You can follow the one who stays behind. You can interject with a "meanwhile" and write about some third party. But "she runs off and returns 10 minutes later" doesn't fit any of these.

      I'm gonna ramble on about this because I hope the author reads this and learns from it. Say, in a story, some character talks to a shopkeeper about some item they want to buy and the shopkeeper says "Oh, I have one of those in the back". And then the shopkeeper goes to the back, returning after a minute with the requested item.

      In my opinion, that example works because the person doing the shopping is waiting and doesn't have much to do anyway. There's nothing meaningful to write about in that moment. You can opt to do so anyway, describing more of the shop's interior, or the sounds that the shopkeeper makes as he finds the requested item amongst the clutter in the back, you have options... but those are more fluff than story, unless you plan on placing some worldbuilding information here, or a minor plot point (e.g. a listing of some of the items where you leave out an item that would be expected in such a shop, and later it turns out the village is having a shortage).

      But when you've got a character who just died, turned into a book, then somehow turned into a human again, I imagine you have some thinking or self-reflecting to do. And when you're alone for 10 minutes, you take those 10 minutes to do that thinking.

      Maybe the story feels slower to the author because they take a minute between sentences to think what happens next. But right now, as a reader, the story feels like a wild ride without stops to allow the story to actually sink in.


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      25 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 40ish?

      Well, I am not a good person to follow since I don't really trust my taste but I have to say, this one is quite enjoyable (slice of life-wise).

      Though, I do have a complaint about the author, first... Stop making me hungry with all the food chapters (TacDonalds ?).

      Anyways, pretty much it... If you want to read something in your free time, then I would be fine to recommend you this since, for me, it is enjoyable (to the point that I had to make an account to show my support for it)

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      20 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 53 – iona [end of arc]

      Okay, I have only read up to chapter 53 and I have to say, this arc's ending has to be my favorite in this series.

      I agree with the other reviews over here, the pacing may be weird to some people, but I am fine with it and it seems to really go for Slice of Life, if that is what you want—then feel free to give this a read.

      There isn't much needed to say, the story is centered around Althea and Alisha who are in simplest terms, two girls who coincidentally or possibly by fate, met each other and slowly start to live out their lives while meeting new friends on the way.

      There is that one arc that slightly brought me to tears, it should have been the first arc ending, or was it the second, I kind of forgot but that one really got me. Anyways, feel free to give it a read, if you don't like it then that's fine, everyone has different taste in books.

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      16 Likes · Like
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