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/ Series / The Lone Macaw
The Lone Macaw
The Lone Macaw
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4.5 (101 ratings)
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The moment the dying Aki opens his eyes, he is shocked. Not his hospice room but green meadows, blue sky and the villages of his favorite MMO await him.

A fever dream? Or a new lease of life?
To Aki it’s a chance to correct the story line he once hated and save his beloved sword maiden.

But his brazen steps soon halt when the impending war covers the land in flames.
Thrown into unknown conflicts, he has to use his game knowledge to protect his new home from a sheer unending horde of enemies.

Vol. 1 - The Lone Macaw - 39 Chapters
Vol. 2 - The Dancing Fireflies - WIP



Feedback comments are much appreciated.
Reviews will (hopefully) make my day.
Cover by @gbsartworks

The Adventum Contest
Alternate World Army Building Character Growth Domestic Affairs Fantasy World Game Elements Kingdom Building Magic Modern Knowledge Monsters Politics Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Slow Romance Wars Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 66
Reviews 11
Table of Contents
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    Status: the lone macaw – interlude

    To be clear from the outset, your traditional, happy-go-lucky romp through fantasyland this is not. There are no cheats, no one-dimensional bandit raids, slaves, harems, Demon Lords, or adventurer’s guilds (at least, not as of ch 11). Rather than a mile-a-minute ride from city to conflict, Macaw is more like a titan wading through a thunderstorm. Heavy. Dense. Slow. It takes four entire chapters before the MC gets isekai’d, and not one feels wasteful or unnecessary. They all contribute something about his past, his outlook, mental state, even his plans for the future. The cast so far is minuscule, consisting of about 5 named characters at present, but they all get fleshed out in believable ways, making the world feel like it has actual people in it.

    Contrary to the tags, I’d consider this a LitRPG, but be aware that (so far) this isn’t a stat-heavy series. It’s all but confirmed that levels and skills exist, but the haven’t been any blue screens, status plates or Voices of the World to move the growth system along, which fits the narrative pretty well, actually. Transitioning from the in-universe drama to "ooo, it’s time to get stronk" would be pretty jarring.

    As for the minor details, the grammar is beyond reproach, the style is vivid and impactful, and the releases are...reasonably consistent. No complaints here. All said, well done, author. I look forward to reading more.

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    Status: the lone macaw – chapter 11

    Alright, so after chapter 11 I am getting a pretty good grasp of the story. It is a slow pace but well thought out story. That's it. Thanks for reading....I am kidding.

    The author is taking the show don't tell approach. However this requires slowing down the story in order to do it correctly. Let me tell you, the author is doing it correctly. Don't be mistaken. Just because the story is slightly slower pace does not mean it doesn't move along. If all the chapters were published, I wouldn't notice it that much. But because the author is writing the story as it's been released, it makes the story feel slow. Does that make sense? ?. I hope it does. 

    I can't say much about the MC. He is still growing and finding his place in this new world. What I can say is that I like his attitude. Hard working and understands that there is no such thing as free lunch. The author is molding him into a very interesting character. Slowly helping him deal with his past life and mindset. 

    The side characters have life to them. They are not just NPCs that will take the MC from point A to Point B, glorify the MC, or serve as a power boost. They matter, and are vital to the development of the story. Not just the MC. 

    Grammar is great. Sentences make sense and the chapters flow from one to the next. You don't have to spend your time reading while simultaneously proof reading for the author (something that is rather common here in ScribbleHub sadly ?). 

    Also, power, as in the power to fight, seems very hard to acquire. From the little I have seen in the story, you don't become a "OP" after practicing or leveling after a few weeks. The author has taken a very realistic approach to strength. While this may not please many, I find it quite refreshing. I have grown tired of characters that are able to destroy mountains or entired armies by simply breathing and meditating for a few months. It takes the charm away in my opinion. There is no suspense if there is no danger. How can you feel danger, when the MC can literally kill a god by the 30th chapter?!!!

    That about sums it up. As stated before. I am only on chapter 11 (the current newest chapter as of this review). The story is still on it's development stages. However, I am glad the author is taking his/her time. This approach will, in my opinion, create a very solid foundation for what I consider... the makings of a great story. 

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    Status: status update

    It was so good, I felt compelled to leave a review. My first. Everything is better than your typical RR/scribblehub. It's on par with the Wandering Inn.

    Pros: There is foreshadowing. The readers still won't be quite sure what the nature of the world is by the end of the first book. Unique characters, and believable struggle. 

    : But here's a warning: All of the action is after the "displacement". And the ratio of old world setup to new world action could probably use some improvement.  

    Details: So far, it rarely ventures away from the MC POV, but the supporting characters feel so real, and even the background characters have motivations and flaws. Everyone has struggles, fears, and varying levels of ambition. 

    I wasn't sure what the differences between LitRPG and GameLit were before, but now I know. The MC has an advantage by having knowledge about the new world and its hidden game mechanics, but there are no apparent RPG elements like stats.  

    I hunger for book 2, and subsequent books. 

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    Status: whatever is current ch

    Lets first talk about how I even stumble onto this story in the first place. The answer is the Trending list and I have seen it pop up quite often and decided to say f**k it and open the door to take a peek. The beginning was a bit awkward with the introduction about our main character's illness and his life both outside and inside the game. I thought it was weird for it to trend with just this show of writing, and patiently I went from one chapter to another. 

    The things I didn't expect to encounter are the characters development, and boy was I surprise to see our main character being a farmer in another world. When I say character developments, I mean that it was literally a f**king roller coaster with the main character Aki. He went from thinking that the other world was a construct of his last moment before death, and then to living in the village he encounter and learning to interact with peoples. He may not have made many great decisions afterward, but I can respect that we are all human and are bound to make some dumb mistakes. Goes on a quest to change the destiny of a character he placed on a pedestal with a bit too much of a delusional outlook without enough information for a proper decision. Join the militia of the city and ended up learning that this world he was inhabiting on was not simple and that sh*t can get pretty dark. Fabian is an mvp in this story and I think you will understand why if you read it to chapter 30. Thea is best girl, and I will fooking fight anyone who dare challenge her tittle. The whole gist of the story so far is that there is always a price to be paid for every decision made, and the MC is learning that what he says and does do have an actual effects on those he interact and bond with in their world. The 30th chapter is kind of like a catharsis to all the annoying decisions the MC had made and it is therefore going to lead to something greater or not so great, all depend on how the author is planning to explore the story.  The quality of writing is great, the execution could use some polishing since it sometimes feel like the MC is too lost in his delusion in the 15th or so chapters from there and onward. I enjoy the story even when the MC makes me want to throat punch the fooker and give him a beating of a lifetime. Like why the fook do you dis on Thea when she was so warm to you and show you her deepest parts. I like reading a flaw MC, but sometime it just irritate me to the point of wanting to grind my teeth to dust. I hope that from chapter 30 onward, he will finally realize what is important and what is not important. Great work of a story and would recommend a read if you are ready to get hit by the feels and anger inducing decisions. The fact that I am still rambling about this should show you how hard I was hit with the feels and irritation. 4 stars for now until I see further development, the main character better get his sh*t together. 

    [Edit]: Forgot to mention that this world is stable and the story telling is slow, but is always progressing. I like slow building story that doesn't just skip to the exciting contents with power fantasy and I appreciate this story just like I appreciated the story Falling in love with the first King. I would say that this story definitely needs more love, but it still has room to improve in many aspects. The characters feel flesh out, but sometime the MC kind of sway in his personalities. I don't know if that make sense, but he gives me the feeling that he is stable as a character sometime and wobble at time. The show rather than tell style is greatly executed, and I can feel the emotions and see their perspective which leaves me with anger issue and a whole lot of feels. I don't even know if Aki x Thea can be a thing, but I would say that their relationship is as organic as organic can be. It feels weird if Aki isn't with Thea and maybe that is just influence by the fact that she was the first female support character we got that was quite important to the MC development. I like the theme the story where we get to explore the characters and their problems that are encounter as they have to question their notion of what is right or wrong. 

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    Status: the lone macaw – interlude

    It's pretty darn good. 

    It's slow paced and it seems like progress in strength is slow but meaningful and usually, the story would get more and more boring as it goes on but the slow pace of this novel is well done.

    MC is delusional and embarrassing but there is growth happening and the payoff of waiting through his sh*tstorm of delusion will be good.

    Worth reading

    - Fabien is best girl.

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    Status: the lone macaw – chapter 11

    Even if you don't read the rest, the first 10 chapters are very touching. After all, death awaits us all.

    Edit (chapter 30) : This is good, very good. The only thing you'll regret is the author no writing enough chapters to feed your unending desire for more content.

    For more details, refer to the other reviews below.

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    Status: the lone macaw – epilogue

    This is an amazing piece of work and I'm really proud of the writer for gathering the following it has because it is well deserved. Well written story that keeps dragging you in more and more with how great the writing is (still needs polish here and there but what webnovel doesn't in the beginning.) And the density/niavity of the MC while also keeping the spark of hope alive even as he realizes how nice he as been earlier (he ain't better yet though) all in all great story and I can't wait for more. (THEA BEST GIRL)  

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    Status: c23

    This is a really well written and planned fantasy story that is among my favourite isekai reads on this site atm like Healer and The extra refuses to reincarnate as a insignificant character - kudos to Lost for writing this. The only thing the story needs now is some more love for updates!

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    Status: the lone macaw (1) – afterword

    I hate Aki so much that I love the story! A LitRPG without any screens.

    It is one of those stories that shocks me when I see them on SH. It has an interesting premise and a captivating backstory. Even though volume 1 has ended there are so many questions unanswered.

    The characterisation is the best feature of the story. Every character including several of the side-characters have unique personalities that add to the story.

    As for grammar, there are a few mistakes, but it is not something that would break the flow. 

    Its a well written story that any audience will find captivating and love to read.

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    Status: illustrations

    Excellent read. It absolutely deserves its high rating so far. 

    Going against the grain of your average fast paced isekai novel we are all accustomed to, The Lone Macaw takes a much more slice of life approach. As of Chapter 11, which I read up to and felt I had enough information to write a review, not a whole lot has happened. And that’s perfectly fine. The MC is not your average OP isekai protagonist, they are an insecure, lost, frightened person who still hasn’t come to complete grips with their current predicament. The side characters are lively and believable, they sound like what many of us would imagine a small, tight knit group of villagers would be like. 

    While the narration in the first few chapters takes some getting used to, it helps set you up to enjoy the pacing. The prose is tight and well done with very few errors that snuck through the authors edit passes. The descriptions are spot on and help build a world for us, as readers, and is accompanied by some pretty nice illustrations.

    I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the story and seeing how the MC grows and interacts with their new world. &Nbsp;

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