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Devil’s Rise
Devil’s Rise
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Like evil protagonists? Good, you’re in the right place!
Watch our young devil hero James and his meteoric rise in the Abyss. Indulge in his coming of age as a noble devil. Explorer with him as he carves his mark within the Abyss. Join our young devil hero as he soars above the noble ranks of the Abyss. Through hook or crook, nothing will stop our devil hero! Tune in every day for his shameless actions and his cruelty. Enjoy… The Rise of a Devil!

If you enjoy evil characters, comedic undertones, cultivation, face slapping, arrogant characters, weak to powerful stories, kingdom building, and realm wars you will like my novel. The novel's official discord is

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHorrorLitRPGMartial ArtsPsychologicalSupernatural
Comedic Undertone Coming of Age Contracts Cooking Corruption Cosmic Wars Cousins Crafting Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Curses Dao Comprehension Daoism Dark Demon Lord Demonic Cultivation Technique Demons Different Social Status Empires Evil Protagonist Kingdom Building Kingdoms Library Necromancer Pets
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      Status: Chapter 36 – The Warfront
      Jun 4, 2020

      Quite enjoyable, the novel got potential. I would love to see the MC get a steady character development, not staying in the limbo of stupidity as "young master" stereotype, following a darker approach for the character would fit it better.

      Maybe setting some hurdles to mess up MC mindset would work just fine.

      All in all, I recommend giving this novel a try, and good luck to the author in not giving up writing even if is just a hobby.

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