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/ Series / The Hedonistic Dungeon
The Hedonistic Dungeon
The Hedonistic Dungeon
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Max Jones. Playboy, Philanthropist, and most importantly a Hedonist. As a human, he chased all of the joys he could in life, not afraid to experiment with new avenues of pleasure. However, when one venture led to his untimely death, he suddenly awoke to his vision being just dirt and air, with darkness stretching on beyond that. What would become of him now, when the world he knew and the body he was so familiar with becomes a thing of the past?

This is my submission for the Adventum contest. I am using the theme reincarnated as a dungeon core.

AdultFantasyHaremIsekaiLitRPGMatureSlice of LifeSmut
The Adventum Contest
Drugs Dungeons Prostitutes Reincarnated into Another World
  1. Chapter 46 hours ago
  2. Chapter 3May 25, 2020
  3. Chapter 2May 24, 2020
  4. Chapter 1May 23, 2020
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