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/ Series / A Reincarnated Demon’s Life of Wonder
A Reincarnated Demon’s Life of Wonder
A Reincarnated Demon’s Life of Wonder
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4.3 (506 ratings)
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When people die, where do they end up to?
I don't know about anyone else, but when I died, I arrived at the strangest Heaven of all times. And I got a chance to reincarnate with all of my memories!

If you look away from the fact I had to reincarnate as a damn monster which is the lowest of all the bottom feeders? And I had to represent one of the worst goddesses ever!?

And to make things worse, my "birthplace" was a freaking Dungeon! And not your everyday Dungeon with level 1 slimes and goblins, but a freaking Dungeon-turned-world-destroying-facility!

Still, you gotta work with what you have. So see me how I survive in this crazy new world!!

...But I promise I won't be mad if the bosses get debuffed. No? Damn...

This is a rewrite of my "A Reincarnated Demon's Tales of Wonder" series, with a new plot and improved mechanics.
The story will also be given an updated version (which includes newer elements from the story earlier on) on Royal Road.
This is just something I write in my free time.

Thanks to lolodu09 for the cover image.

English is not my first language, so expect bad grammar.

ActionAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPG
Antihero Protagonist Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Comedic Undertone Demon Lord Demons Dungeon Master Dungeons Evolution Fantasy Creatures Futanari Goddesses Gods Level System Male to Female Multiple POV Necromancer Non-human Protagonist R-18 Reincarnated as a Monster Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Transformation Ability Unique Weapons Weak to Strong
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    Status: [arc 1] chapter 3: the chain quest

    I read and very much enjoyed "A Reincarnated Demon's Tales of Wonder." The original version that this one is a re-write of.

    I have no idea why the writer felt the need to reboot the series, but I at the time I felt it was their right and hoped for an improvement to the already high quality. I was sorely disappointed. Instead, it's just a sloppily rushed story full of one info dump after another and it lacks all the mystery and slow discovery that made the original so good.

    It was a mistake on the author's part to think this series needed a re-write. This version has just been a huge drop in terms of the quality of the writing. The writer's impatience and desire to get past the early parts of the story just drip from every sentence, and it harms the quality of the writing at every step. If the author couldn't show the restraint to slow down and do it right, they should have never decided to re-write the story.

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    Status: --

    The story started out cool and I have to admit was unique and quite enjoyable, unlike other reincarnation/isekai type stories where the main character is supposedly accidentally killed by a god, then reincarnated with cheats etc.. It's too cliché.. It was cool while it lasted, Because then, the story goes bad.. 

    The intelligent adult after reincarnation turns into an evil and unstable 5 year old. The story feels rushed and at the same time everything is literally explained and spoon fed to the reader, like for example, lets say he gets "Poison resistance" the character has an in depth mental conversation with himself, on what it means to actually have poison resistance and after he/she has that internal monologue, he/she has a damned mental breakdown and freaks out about it.. 

    All the while he/she has gone from floor1 of the dungeon to floor 5. The author hasn't written anything about the interesting part of the story which is the journey to get there or even world building, but rather decided to write about the MC's thought process on the intricacies of a damned skill.. Oh and all of this, is of course written in an essay/dissertation fashion where it contains roughly, let's say 2000-3000 words on the principles of the skill known as "Poison resistance". 

    I've literally lost count of how many times I've facepalmed. 

    So.. In short everything is written as an internal monologue and honestly, most of it just feels drawn out and like an info dump, there's really nothing interesting in the story. I'd say to future readers, if you want to read something akin to wikipedia fastasy-world edition, give this novel a try.

    But, if you want to read something interesting, shut this tab immediately by pressing Ctrl + W and don't waste your time on this novel.

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    20 Likes · Like
    Status: [arc 2] chapter 34: civil war for...

    You come here see the tags and you expect that the MC will be somenthing similar to a Demon Lord of Lust, or at least a Demon lord-like character, well, Gerami our MC feels similar to shiraori the MC of Kumo desu ga, the skills are similar, the progress of evolutions too, the change is that instead of arachnid goes for demonic evolutions.

    The side-characters (normal habitants of that world) will get as much of protagonism as the MC and grow at the same speed which I find absurd since our MC was born late comparing her to other champions AND to be honest there is a lot of info-dump. If you like watching various characters growing in level the same as the MC and getting your brain stuffed with so much information that you will start skipping the skill tree, you will like this one. It is not my cup of tea.

    Forget about the R-18 tag, there isn't anything at least to the chapters I'm in. Finaly there is no mytery. You know practically everything because you hear the conversations of the gods and you see the POV of practically everyone.

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    14 Likes · Like
    Status: [arc 3] chapter 27: contracts and contacts

    I enjoyed both this and pre-rewrite version. While I agree with some of the complaints waged by the authors of other reviews, that some changes seem to be for the worse (our MC seems less self reliant, and in general we see less from her perspective) there were many writing quality improvements.

    All in all it would be nice to see more of our MCs relations, as at this point the romance is not really slow burning, its non-existent. Also, less of black baron please, just kill him off in a ditch somewhere

    By itself a good slice of life - adventuring story, one of the few I always smile to see updated.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: arc2 ch13

    I read both stories and they were both good, this however is the better one in my opinion the first half of arc 1 is a little rushed however the story after that has a consistently good pace whereas in the first the story seemed quite rough around the edges and sometimes pointlessly drawn out. Once it catches up the the original in length I think this story will have well exceeded the others quality I just wish the author decided to rewrite it sooner rather than let us get attached to the first just to rewrite it and change major plot points.

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: [arc 2] chapter 8: rats, rats, rats!

    I wish I could rate this higher. Unfortunately the rewrite feels incredibly rushed AND I don't like any of the changes. At this point they might as well be entirely different stories as well...

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: arc 2 ch 10

    Arc 1 was fine the bad jokes kept was at a minimum since there was no one to play it off on but in Act 2 Mr write seemed to go full ham bad cringe "comedy" for every one and it seem he only know one joke were the MC does something ridiculous and no one laughs not even the reader it brings the whole story down as the story slows to a crawl so he can tell us the cringy long "joke" that seems to only existe to fill the word count

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: [arc 4] chapter 7: bee afraid. bee...

    While the writing quality is higher than the original version the story itself feels less interesting atleast in my opinion. Alot of chapters feels like a mix of infodump and filler.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    Great reading material really like it..

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: [arc 5] chapter 1-5: when the...

    An exciting story, lots of fun parts and well constructed battles. It's one of my favorite stories nowadays with a very well built and planned world. Garami is an amazing character but unfortunately her body is incompatible with her personality (I imagine her as a short, mischievous demon rather than its appearance is described)

    But there are some things I want to complain about;

    Garami doesn't have a very serious relationship with Mira.

    we need more chapters r-18 (with Mira as dominant of course)

    Mira has to get higher

    Sorry I like the short protagonists (Garami) and their tall lovers (Mira) this is my fetish


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