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/ Series / Journal from Another World (dropped)
Journal from Another World (dropped)
Journal from Another World (dropped)
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3.8 (28 ratings)
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Story is rewritten in another page; this page will be deleted soon after the other page is booted. Thanks

ActionAdventureFantasyHaremIsekaiLitRPGMartial Arts
Adventurers Alchemy Amnesia Anti-Magic Archery Blacksmith Transported into Another World
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      Status: c106 - dropped
      Aug 17, 2020

      dimensional ship and stat system is interested me. And a hardworking MC with interesting povs as gorilla, lizard or dragon lord pov. They were all good. I giving 3 star because I think it should be longer and more detailed chapters instaid of "summary like chapters". And MC is pretty special in contrast what description says.

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      Status: chapter 102: nameless dungeon conqueror ⑤:the...
      Sep 24, 2020

      the story is a generic rip off of Japanese lit-RPGs.

      you should think of it as a fanfic, and turn off your mind for a light hearted read.

      the chapter numbers are also not realistic. Because most of them are some jargon and system report or not related stuff. Some chapters are just a report.

      over all I gave it 3 stars for not taking itself too seriously or it could be a 2 or 1.

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