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/ Series / Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?
Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?
Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?
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3.9 (15 ratings)
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Dan Capra is the man!

A charitable math teacher starting a new position at a prestigious girls high school in New York City. But Dan will learn that things aren't what they seem when he meets his new student, Rica Reyes. A distracting pretty teen who's had her eye on Dan since he walked in the class. Rica immediately strikes a rapport with Dan, and to his delight, tells him she knows how to secure money for his education charity. But in order for Dan to get the money he must use his math skills to help a downtown crime boss with some numbers, and look the other way when the murders start.

Assassin Girls, Romance, All Girl's High School, Crime, Troublesome-Teens

ActionAdultRomanceSchool Life
All-Girls School Assassins Crime Organized Crime Romantic Subplot
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      Status: chapter 35
      Jun 28, 2020

      Well, honestly, initially it started for me a bit slow.  And then, from chapter 15 and up, I got really hooked.  

      So what's my take on the story?

      First, let me begin with the negative aspects.  

      • One is that some of the characters felt like it was put there just for the story to continue, like Frank, or Lazlo.  If I may suggest, Mr. Author can flesh out their characters more, so that the readers could feel more anger or annoyance to their schemes.
      • Second, the chapter subdivision titles give away the situations of that certain part of the story, well, at least for me.  If I may recommend, Mr. Author could do away with the chapter subdivision titles and let the scenes play it out themselves.
      • Third, some words are a bit awkward (like baka-couple in Chapter 12).  Just put it's English equivalent, unless Mr. Author really intended to call them that way.
      • I'd also want to point out some spelling errors I encountered sporadically throughout the chapters (I forgot to take note of these, my apologies).

      And then, the Positive aspects...

      • Dan's character is badass, and since I'm also a teacher, I could relate to him well.  What I don't dig is Alpha-ness when it comes to females (but it's just a personal preference).  Over-all, I like his character.  (And since I'm stupid in Math, it's a plus for me!) 9/10
      • Rica is also a badass, and she's got a lot of twists in her character.  I'm actually rooting for her, but well... Mr. Author rules. 9/10
      • The story's plot twists are good, and the gun battles are entertaining.
      • Mr. Author's way of describing events and the environment of the characters are great.  (I myself couldn't do that much.)

      Points on where the author could improve...

      1. Flesh out the major characters, including the villains.  Not only it would bring justice to what they are doing, the readers could also feel satisfaction on their fates (whether positive or negative).
      2. If I may suggest, remove the chapter subdivision titles.  It gives away the 'general direction' of that certain part of the story, especially to veteran readers.

      Over-all, the story is enjoyable, especially on the latter parts.  It starts out as slow, and then picks up the tempo (and the reader interest) up to the end.  I plan to read more on Rica after this. Good job, Mr. Author!

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