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/ Series / A Reason to Breath
A Reason to Breath
A Reason to Breath
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Metamorph's are mutant people who retain a sense of humanity. Nevertheless humans shun and exile them from civilization as their powers begin to manifest themselves.
Stitches survived for a time, using his powers to keep himself alive. Now he's been caught and taken from the slums of his hometown. Like a cornered animal, he'll do anything to conquer the coming trials ahead of him.
But what point is there in living just to draw breath?

Animal Characteristics Beastkin Cannibalism Character Growth Dark Demi-Humans Firearms Magic Modern Fantasy Monster Girls Monsters Mutated Creatures Mutations Post-apocalyptic Teamwork Tsundere Yandere
  1. 2.2Jun 19, 2020
  2. 2.1Jun 4, 2020
  3. 2.0Jun 2, 2020
  4. 1.9Jun 1, 2020
  5. 1.8May 31, 2020
  6. 1.7May 30, 2020
  7. 1.6May 29, 2020
  8. 1.5May 28, 2020
  9. 1.4May 28, 2020
  10. 1.3May 27, 2020
  11. 1.2May 26, 2020
  12. 1.1May 25, 2020
  13. 1.0May 25, 2020
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