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Project Animus
Project Animus
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The world of Animus has always been living together with Earth. Each day, more and more people are disappearing for no reasons. The world dispatched their best person to investigate the mysterious phenomenon but they returned with no avail. Some who delved too much, ironically, disappeared for themselves. They did not know that they were being transported to the world of Animus...

This is a world where every iconic series from various anime all in the same place. There are no characters that exist from those series, however their world, their powers are used. Everything from Jutsu, Fairy Magic, Nen, Devil Fruits or even Zanpakutos.

Art has always been good at everything. He tried learning basketball, after a week he became the MVP of the National Tournament. He learned martial arts to protect people close to him. To everyone he always seemed like the pinnacle of a human being. Everyone relies on him. But deep inside... Art has a mysterious secret... He loves anime.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceSeinen
Clever Protagonist Crossover Early Romance Eye Powers Fantasy World Fast Learner Genius Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Male Protagonist Manipulative Characters Modern Fantasy Modern Knowledge Ninjas Otaku Overpowered Protagonist Parallel Worlds Pirates Transported into Another World Underestimated Protagonist
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