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/ Series / E.S. System: Return to the Enchanted Planet
E.S. System: Return to the Enchanted Planet
E.S. System: Return to the Enchanted Planet
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*Not your typical apocalypse-evolution novel. think twice before reading it.*

In 2147 the new energy particle "TreDecon" was discovered by mankind. Twenty-one years later, citizens fled the solar colonies due to the TreDecon plague, more generally referred to as 'Mana Apocalypse'.

Aiden and another seven adolescents were returning to earth twenty years later to research the state of the planet. But the enchanted land was not that welcoming.

Aiden and two others were knocked off the path by an unknown entity. Before joining others Aiden realized, that in this unknown world there is no friend. The betrayal of the closest one was what haunt him most.

Giant human head butterflies, trees covered in unexplained skulls, Vampiric deer walking on two feet. Creatures in the database and those who traded in shadows stared at the harmless boy.

Armed with the Empirical Survival System inside his brain wounded Aiden had to survive long enough in this land of mystical predators so that he could take his revenge and return to back to Planet he had come from.

Aliens Apocalypse Betrayal Evolution Late Romance Loyal Subordinates Magic Military Monsters Outer Space Post-apocalyptic Soldiers
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