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Isekai Inc.
Isekai Inc.
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4.7 (15 ratings)
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Malarie hates being a "goddess". Her job is simple: reincarnate people into their worst possible lives, and make them suffer to entertain her immortal bosses.

However, Malarie refuses to do that.

As she navigates the cutthroat world of corporate Isekai, Malarie tries to help people make better lives for themselves: all the while having to avoid being reincarnated into some terrible life herself.

Working to create new lives that fit the souls of her clients, Malarie has to escape the wrath of her higher-ups as she tries to make people happy - instead of making them suffer like she's supposed to.


Hey, Goswick here. Thanks for giving my story a look! I'm currently writing for the Adventum Contest, under the categories "Combination of Magic and Technology" and "Reincarnated as an X" (Well, kinda...). Anyway, this is more of an experimental story to try and subvert the norms of a Reincarnation story, so I'm hoping you'll stick around and watch to see how it unfolds!

The cover is now semi-finalised, yay! I might update how the title looks later, but expect the art to remain roughly the same.

DramaFantasyIsekaiMaturePsychologicalSlice of LifeSupernatural
The Adventum Contest
Apartment Life Arrogant Characters Cruel Characters Determined Protagonist Dystopia Episodic Evil Gods Evil Organizations Female Protagonist Former Hero Goddesses Gods Hard-Working Protagonist Heaven Hell Helpful Protagonist Honest Protagonist Immortals Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Past Trauma Reincarnation Stubborn Protagonist Tomboyish Female Lead
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 24

    Very creative premise. I loved how the words flow, simply making my brain churn out an intriguing image of what is happening. As I dwelled deeper into the words and world of the character, I could feel a nice build of tension and thrill. It feels I'm prowling and bathing in the details, and in the end of the chapter. Boom! So that was what happened. Anyway, my only regret is that its a bit slow-paced for me (personal bias so ignore me). If you like a nice change of pace from generic isekai and lit-RPG. This will definitely be a nice read for you. 

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    Status: chapter 39: one hundred and ten...

    It's an an office story - where the job is to play God and chose the next life for souls.

    The premise of the story is interesting, Malarie is in charge of choosing the next life for dead souls. While corruptions has taken hold and most employees like to make the reincarnations fun for their bosses, Malarie just wants to give them a good new life and works hard for it. Fighting the system and facing the wrath of her boss. 

    It's written in the first person and we see the world through the eyes of Malarie as she explores the world. As far as grammar goes, I didn't see anything flaws that interrupted the flow of reading, so kudos on that.

    The massive flaw I found is that it is essentially just another day in the office albeit a strange office that handles reincarnation. The job is repetitive with the usual side-charaters of bitchy office mates and the good at heart asshole co-worker that's just a bitch to keep the job.

    Don't get me wrong, the characters are flushed out and we see each character with a different personality, but the repetition of the work made me skip a lot of the text.

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    I like the description of the story but I can't get the big picture of the story. This story is a slow-paced with a vivid description but I have my complaints


    The story is about a person named malarie who after death became a reincarnation manager whose supposed goal is to make the life of people they manage suffer but malarie does the opposite by understanding their previous life and giving them a suitable life based on that. This lands her in trouble with her boss whom she just ignores.

     this is my complaint. 

    How can a story of a person who becomes a stronghold become popular with immortals. Isn't it just a 2 line story.


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