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/ Series / The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World
The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World
The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World
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The God of Chersea had retired.

Not wishing to be bothered by another land to govern, the gods chose a few mortals known as the Saints to guide Chersea for them. Each were given a corresponding god-like powers, and each had different personalities.

Enter Kuro. He was a human from Earth that was summoned by the Human Saint, all because she was bored. Virtually alone and with a few friends to turn to, he must learn to survive in this new land he was brought into.

And for that to happen, Kuro must discover and wield the power he didn't know he possessed long before he was summoned to Chersea...

Average-looking Protagonist Bookworm Clever Protagonist Clingy Lover Devoted Love Interests Fantasy World Fourth Wall Godly Powers Gods Healers Magic Military Parallel Worlds Parody Politics Possessive Characters Saints Slow Growth at Start Strategist Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Teachers Weak to Strong Yandere
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      Status: vol. 1 epilogue: the hero of...
      Aug 11, 2020

      Overview: A story of a human being summoned to a whole new world! The MC has to navigate being pulled away from Earth, landing in a place that has a whole new set of rules and expectations.

      He finds that the maids in his home have a pretty unkind view of men and strange customs. Does he figure it out? Does he get strong and survive the brave new world?  

      Read the story to find out!

      Style: We are given a lot of imagery and worldbuilding. The MC’s thoughts and feelings are given freely, which help us deep dive into the story and characters.

      The story has a self reflecting quality, where it talks about other’s in the same genre. The fourth wall breaking works for it more than against with the overall tone of the story. It doesn’t take itself too seriously which makes it more enjoyable.

      Language: The language is simple and effective. Casual which makes it easy for any reader to jump right in. There are some sentences that come across as clunky for me — awkwardly worded or unnatural. It seems to be mostly inside the dialogue however, which could be a style choice from the author.

      Grammar: Overall the grammar looks good. There were some areas that I probably would have done differently, (like the caps for yelling or strong emotion, for example) but there wasn’t anything that pulled me out of the story or made me want to stop reading. A fact I was thankful for when I got further in. The author grows and really finds his voice as the story continues :D 

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