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/ Series / [BL] The Emperor and the Tree
[BL] The Emperor and the Tree
[BL] The Emperor and the Tree
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What a wrong way to reincarnate after being murdered by one's best friend!

Nekohiko's throat was slit as he was ascending his throne as the Supreme Divine Emperor. A moment later, his murderer claimed that very throne for himself. To add the insult to the injury -- Nekohiko's name was erased from all the history books as though he had never existed.

Driven by intense resentment, Nekohiko refused to die. He reincarnated. He had to find out how someone who loved him and who he loved back could destroy him so utterly along with everything Nekohiko stood for.

The only problem was that he reincarnated as a... tree. No, much worse than that. A cut tree. A simple wooden log sent to a workshop to be shaped into, let's say, a table, or a chair, or maybe -- if fortunate -- into a bookshelf for the new Emperor.

Until Nekohiko meets a soul that understands his pain and is willing to help a poor tree log gain shape that is far more fitting for a human bent on nothing but sweet, slow revenge.

Or, even better -- several shapes.


I will release a chapter every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

See the Glossary for more Information about the romance (ML section). Or in general -- for pictures and miscellaneous stuff about the book. ^^

The story is a slow burn with plenty of twists and turns and will involve a lot of mystery-solving to understand the motivations and goals of different characters. Action sequences will happen when the plot calls for them, but they will all require buildup to greater impact. The main themes are emotional and psychological explorations of identity, desire, fate, and intent. Characters will grow and develop across present arcs but flashbacks to provide context and mystery clues to their behaviors will be in order, yet without overpowering the present narrative (Flashbacks are episodic slice-of-life and do not have their own plot line).

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AdventureBoys LoveFantasyMatureMysteryPsychologicalSlice of LifeSupernatural
Academy Automatons Betrayal Childhood Friends Cold Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cross-dressing Dead Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Dolls/Puppets Enemies Become Lovers Friends Become Enemies Magic Mystery Solving Past Plays a Big Role Philosophical Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Reincarnated as an Object Slow Romance
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      Status: chapter seven — splitting apart
      Jun 16, 2020

      Likeable MC? Yep fo sho~

      Hateable villain/ML? Also yeah (Abihiko you're about to catch these hands) !

      Crazy detailed and absorbing worldbuilding and plot? Oh hell yeah. Buckle up we're on the angst and redemption train boi

      (I also am not-so-secretly hoping for smut, though I know it won't be for a long time since this is slowburn. But I'm a pervert and my brain is permanently in the gutter. PLS AUTHOR :3)

      Read More

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