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Beast God Naruto
Beast God Naruto
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( This is a Naruto Neglect fanfiction where his parents are still alive. If you aren't familiar with Naruto neglect fics I would suggest going to and looking some of them up. Be warned, there is some mature content regarding sexual situations as well as unusual fetishes. )

Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze was born on October 10 along with his sisters Mito and Mana Uzumaki-Namikaze. During their birth the nine tailed Kyuubi was released and started to attack Konoha. Instead of Naruto getting the Kyuubi chakra it was split in half with Mito and Mana getting the Yin and Yang half respectively. All Naruto got was the Kyuubi soul. From there everything went downhill for Naruto, he slowly fell from being his mother's and father's little ball of sunshine into a forgotten pit of depression. One day when he decided to end it Naruto had an encounter that changed his life for the better. This is the story of Beast God Naruto.

( Sorry, I am really bad at writing summaries so if it was boring or cringy then I apologize. Anyway, I would really recommend ya'll read some Naruto neglect fics before mine so that you can have a general idea of what's going on. Also, this will not be a bash fic, Naruto won't hate nor love his family he will simply be apathetic towards them, he will maintain a professional relationship with them. That can change in the future if enough people want it though. Also this will likely be a harem so leave suggestions for women you might like to see in the harem. One more thing, since Minato is still alive the Uchiha massacre isn't like cannon. So look forward to that. )

The cover picture is something I found while searching on Pinterest, I do not know who the original creator is to give credit to. If the original creator sees this and wants it taken down or credit please message me and I will be happy to comply.

ActionAdultAdventureFanfictionHaremMartial ArtsRomance
Abandoned Children Ability Steal Age Progression Animal Characteristics Apathetic Protagonist Beast Companions Complex Family Relationships Male Protagonist Ninjas Older Love Interests Past Plays a Big Role Personality Changes Perverted Protagonist Polygamy Popular Love Interests Power Couple Pregnancy Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest R-18 Strong Love Interests Stubborn Protagonist Time Skip Tragic Past Younger Sisters
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Table of Contents
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    Status: not a chapter

    I’m not very good at reviews, but this is what I’ll say. I know this wasn’t a very long story before it was forgotten, but I really liked it and hope that the author decides to come back to it sometimes. It was the first neglected Naruto story I read and got me to try others. 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 6


    I’m fking scarred for life. Not even mentioning how you set up a 7 years old child with an adult but how that 7 years old acts creepy af, complimenting someone.... gas smell... ugh. If you wanna read this story, skip chapter 6. It goes downhill from there.


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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1

    Got to the part where he start complimenting someone about their fart smells and how it kept going on and on with the sh*t (literally) theme. Have to rate it low for not even putting it in the tags that it was heading down that road.

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