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To Keep a Kitsune
To Keep a Kitsune
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Have you ever imagined a world where your pet cat is actually a catgirl?

In a distant fantasy world, all beastkin are pets. As early as the Stone Age, humans have domesticated this unique breed of talking beasts, and these species have evolved to become dependent on human contact. Today, they are man’s best friend. Whether it is for companionship, intimacy, or a shoulder to lean on, beastkin are often a treasured part of many human families. Every child grows up with one from infancy, and the emotional bonds tying pets to their owners are engraved deep.

Kiel Kitsune is a fox beastkin. His owner, Susella vi Telleste, is the seventeen-year-old daughter of a successful frontier merchant. She is betrothed to the third prince of Kalastasia, and must prepare to move to the capital to join the royal court. However, as mere commoners, they lack the knowledge and political acumen of the urban aristocracy. Adapting to a new environment may be a little more challenging than they’re prepared for.

This is the story of a fox and a girl who embark on an unsettling odyssey through a foreign world of unfamiliar and jarring customs. Together, they must consider the meaning of their connection and the course of their future even as destiny splinters them apart.


Note: the cover art is not mine.

Boys LoveDramaFantasyPsychologicalRomance
Aristocracy Arranged Marriage BDSM Beast Companions Beastkin Childhood Friends Dark Depictions of Cruelty Discrimination Dystopia Familiars Family Business Friendship Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kind Love Interests Kingdom Building Management Master-Servant Relationship Netorare Nobles Non-human Protagonist Politics Polygamy Royalty Slaves
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