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Shadow Monarch
Shadow Monarch
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What if you had the ability to manipulate the shadows of the world around you?
Traverse the shadow realm, listen to the whispers every shadow has to tell – a persons secrets, their insecurities and their fears all freely read like an open book.

Lewis was granted such a power, losing his job, fiance, company and finding out that he’s not the father of his soon to be born child, his determination will either grant him vengence on those who wronged him; discovering the true depths of his powers in the process, or save the world he lives in; living aloof above all..

He is the Shadow Monarch…

I aim for at least one chapter a day, if I can’t put out a chapter it’ll be due to being busy/not having time to write I hope that this can be appreciated as I’m not a full-time writer rather I’m a full-time student, on another note enjoy the story!

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsRomanceSupernaturalTragedy
Aristocracy Army Army Building Assassins Average-looking Protagonist Beast Companions Beasts Betrayal Body Tempering Character Growth Cold Protagonist Level System Modern Fantasy Multiple Identities Multiple Realms Torture Wars Weak to Strong
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