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/ Series / Reincarnated as a King [Error: Body Not Included]
Reincarnated as a King [Error: Body Not Included]
Reincarnated as a King [Error: Body Not Included]
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4.3 (75 ratings)
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that, when you're a harmless soul loitering around in the land of the dead, no passing god should reincarnate you into another god's world as a prank without minding the risk of you 'blowing up'. Except in the case of one nameless soul, whose reincarnating god has done just that, without even providing him with a proper body. Most people would complain at such unfair treatment. This soul - now crown - is among those people.

Then he encounters Anya, young catgirl who could wear him. And who needed him. For sometimes the world will throw the innocent into a nightmare worse than hell itself. But now they have each other, and that may just be enough of a starting point to make the world, the entire world, a better place in the end. No matter what the world throws at them.

(GL will be a slow burn, as the Slow Romance tag indicates, and need not necessarily be between the two MCs.

Disclaimer warning: this series touches upon sensitive topics such as rape, particularly in the 2nd arc. Such actions are absolutely not endorsed by the author, and are treated as evil in the story. Actual depiction of the act does not occur, of course, because ... seriously it's evil why the [] would I?

I am trying to post post at least once a week, aiming to have a chapter a week in stock for a Saturday 6pm EST delivery (variations/delays possible). However, my workload may mean I miss some weeks. (Like right now. Current status of the series is MILD HIATUS, my workload is killing me. I will restart ASAP, please bear with me.)

This is not only the first story I’m posting ever (please be kind), but was also a submission into the Adventum Contest. The main theme is ‘Reincarnated as an X’, but I will also include the ‘Town/Kingdom/Empire Building’ theme after the first couple arcs - I may not reach that point before the contest ends. (Spoiler alert: I didn't.)

This series is posted only on Scribblehub. If you see it anywhere else it is stolen. The ‘cover art’ is my own.)

Community Discord here:

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The Adventum Contest
Beastkin Caring Protagonist Child Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Discrimination Fantasy World Game Elements Girl's Love Subplot Gods Kingdom Building Leadership Loyal Subordinates Magic Multiple Protagonists Non-human Protagonist Past Trauma R-15 Reincarnated as an Object Religions Royalty Sentient Objects Sharing A Body Slaves Slow Romance Souls
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      Status: escape arc 31. chapter 39: salis
      Sep 22, 2020

      I didn't leave a rating here, since this story is fairly hard to rate objectively, but the good ol' scribblehub decided to autorate it as 5, so eh. Consider this a "can't really give this a rating" type of review.

      Excessive Rape: the Story, Electric Boogaloo, the Rapening.

      That's pretty much what the story is so far. For 39 chapters. Now, of course, the main character and his noble steed weren't raped. Yet. However, who knows what joys the future holds?

      You know those stories with gay characters where everyone in the cast is gay, the supporting characters are gay, the eldrich abominations from incomprehensible dimensions are gay, and everyone who isn't gay is on the side of the Big Bad?

      This novel has the same energy, except everyone is horribly and massively raped instead. I'm not even joking, out of all the female characters only three (!) weren't raped. One of them is MC's wielder and the others are Evil™. And one of those evil women was quite possibly raped as well, but it isn't directly stated, so I'll withhold my judgment on the matter.

      Essentially, this story is about the supporting characters' torturous and outrageously rapey past on a backdrop of a fantasy litrpg world. Coincidentally, the goal of MC's group is to escape from even more rape and torture.

      With all the rape going on, I'm even hesitant to mention other things that make little to no sense.

      Did I mention that this story contains humongous amounts of rape? Well, it's as prevalent as me mentioning it in this review. Even action and battle scenes are broken up by flashbacks and mentions of rape and rape-related activities.

      To sum it up: do you love tragedy? Do you enjoy reading through chapter after chapter of torment, rape, and wanton cruelty? Do you like unbridled abuse of a Villain Ball, Wide-eyed Idealist, and Kick the Dog tropes? If your answer is a resounding "yes", then this fiction is for you.

      Otherwise — not so much.

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      Status: escape arc 3. chapter 11: discussion of...
      Jul 6, 2020

      The novel starts out with a well made and unique prologue giving enough time for our MC and FL to develop as characters while you are being immersed into this new world.

      Though only at the end of the prologue and the beginning of the escape arc wil the MC and FL begin to interact with each other but that won't really matter since the buildup to their meeting wil feel natural and not forced.

      And that is where I quit reading, because I sadly found out that our Main character will not get into any romantical relationship.  It is actually the FL that will get into one with someone else. This completely destroyed my expectations since there were allot of hints in the description and the novel that kept telling you that there was going to be something between the two, but sadly this something was and will not be of romantical nature. So this just left me with a sour feeling of regret destroying any motivation to keep reading.


      Call me childish, but it just feels like our MC is being cucked!


      Even though I quit reading this I still recommend this novel for any fantasy genre lover and I wish you a fun time reading this.

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      Status: halloween special. chapter 31.5: night spook
      Nov 3, 2020

      The grammar is spot on.

      ALL the characters feel real. They all have their own personality, with good and bad points, even the most evil characters have a soft spot (never towards the nice guys). The character development is incredible. All the reactions seem to make sense with what we know, or end up making sense later with new information about the characters past. Some may be put off by the many flashbacks for character development, but it helps give its pace to the story.

      The world development is perfect. We learn things as the story needs it in a perfectly natural way. No glossing over things or explaining every little point here, just the right amount to know everything makes sense but craving for more.

      At the start the plot seems a lot simpler than it actually is. No matter what/how much you see coming, you will be surprised more than a few times.

      A personal favourite of mine, there is rape, gore and cruelty galore, but it is never overly graphic. The horror and pain of the situation are very clear, it is easy to picture the scene, but it is never so detailed it becomes off-putting. That balance is very hard to reach for such a story.

      The author clearly put a lot of thoughts, time and work in the novel, and it shows.

      I definitely recommend it to all who enjoy a high quality heavy-hearted story.

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      Status: family arc 6. chapter 50: skinship comforting...
      Jan 29, 2021

      The characters feel real, the story is interesting, the right amount of tense, the skill system is nicely thought out (nothing too immediately advanced means less can go wrong). I'm personally enjoying it tons, also the main cast is quite large (8 I think) but they are all equally well developped and mesh surprisingly well together, considering their backstory variety. LacKey clearly put a lot of thought into making the cast synergise.

      Oh, there is one character that is racist towards another character, but it dies down around chapter 50 (spoilers from here) : 


      It's explained (not excused by any of the members other than the MC though, for good reasons from each) and she starts trying to move past it, as she recognises how it might just be a prejudice, and that it's possible that the other character (specifically) may not be as bad as her religious upbringing has taught her.


      Another review commented about "Excessive Rape: The Story", why I think this is a bit flawed I will explain further, but somewhat big spoiler for the "escape arc":


      It should be pointed out that the immediate cast and setting were literally going to be sold as s*x slaves; they literally broke free from the slaver caravan, and the main pursuers are said slavers, so it makes sense that there would be a slightly larger mention of it, given the context. However, I don't think there is "excessive mention" of it. 

      A) It's an awful thing no matter what, so ignoring it is arguably worse, and when you're dealing with trauma victims who have collectively experienced similar things it's going to be something talked about.

      B) The cast is escaping civilisation because these slavers have a sufficiently large influence that that's the only way they can feel safe. Hence, the most direct story links to the main cast, at this point in time, are the slavers themselves (ended at the end of the escape arc, I'm pretty sure), hence why the story would have a contextually larger focus on it.

      C) Rape is not condoned in any fashion, but actually isn't mentioned all the time, just in backstories (again, intended s*x slaves, so kinda unavoidable, but once you know their backstories there's no more from that cause.


      Read More

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