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/ Series / I Own a Brothel in Another World
I Own a Brothel in Another World
I Own a Brothel in Another World
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4.5 (597 ratings)
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Alastair Carter is a 27-year-old marketing and management teacher like many others around the world. Well... maybe besides the fact that he teaches some of that world's prodigies, but it's just a small detail. Even though he loves fantasy novels, he has never expected getting sucked into a fantasy world himself. I mean, who does?

Follow Alastair and find out how he will deal with this predicament. Will he be nominated as a hero? Will he save the world in crisis or focus on looking for a way back to Earth? Or perhaps, will he settle down and live peacefully? This is the beginning of a great tale...


Full-sized cover can be found in the glossary.

Chapter Ero-meter:
❤ - A bit of explicit content
❤❤ - Around half a chapter of lewds

Main release day:

What to expect:
Some light management, a status system in the background, wholesome lewding centered around the MC, a slice of life story with some adventuring and lots of lovely monster girls.

What NOT to expect:
Depictions of rape, mindbreak or abusive mind control, heavy sexual abuse, NTR and other heavy stuff.
The title is not a "bait", but please don't expect fully devoted "hot" chapters every other release. It all depends on the flow of the story (which is still a Slice of Life) and might come to a moment where stuff may happen often, but not all the time.


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AdultAdventureFantasyHaremIsekaiLitRPGMatureSlice of LifeSmut
Alternate World Beastkin Business Management Caring Protagonist Clever Protagonist Demi-Humans Discrimination Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Elements Handsome Male Lead Management Master-Servant Relationship Monster Girls Multiple POV Multiple Transported Individuals Prostitutes R-18 Slave Harem Summoned Hero Time Skip Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 224
Reviews 11
Table of Contents
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    Status: c55

    So, a 2-star rating - must mean it's bad right? Surprisingly both yes and no.

    It is "properly written" as in the text flows well and the grammar is good.

    The system is quite tailored, but not really playing a role in the story - It lies unused until it needs to appear. There's barely any fighting, as it's not really an action novel - which is fine, especially since there are no random annoying bonus thugs introduced for no reason. Fights just happen when a problem needs to be solved.

    No, the problem which makes this a 2-star goes deeper. The stupid way this is written from start to finish.

    Let's just put a few of the following points into perspective:
    Another world > s*xmancer (power from lewding girls) > Make a brothel? > Make your harem work in brothel?
    Ok, that's weird and won't really work, next:
    ALL demi-humans are subhuman slaves and monsters > Let's make a monster harem > Let's make a monster brothel > Let's buy slaves > Let's feel bad about them being slaves > Let's have the girls fall in love with MC for... quite bland reasons? > Let's give the MC pseudo-mind-control powers and let him be OVERLY self-conscious about it > Let's say "I don't deserve you" every chapter.
    Ok, there are about 10 things wrong there, so let's unwrap. Why have non-humans be subhuman trash in society when you're gonna have a 90% non-human harem and "brothel staff"? It might sound "convincing for the plot", but it's really just useless and serves no purpose.
    Why have them all be slaves or worse and have MC buy them or save them if he's going to act as he does after the fact? In fact, he SHOULD act like that as what he's doing is just as bad as what he thinks it is. He's literally buying slaves and grabbing poor people off the street, feeding them, and having s*x with them, in that order.
    There's also serious confusion up to this point what the point of some stuff is. The system is probably going to be useless due to low action, which makes it mostly pointless. "Romance-Harem-Pornnovel" doesn't really mix. choose 2 out of 3, but never all of them, It's like water and oil, they look quite similar, but they're totally not the same, and any interaction between them gets awkward real fast.
    Why even add the "suggestive mind control" into the story if the main character is going to be a bitch about it? It just falls into the "nono" category of stuff you should avoid in literally any and every novel type.

    Basically what I mean to say is this: You created a story where the MC is self-conscious about his every action, feeling that he's useless trash that no one can like while EVERYONE loves him. Every girl in the story is considered to be subhuman trash, either a slave, a thief, about to be executed or in a similarly sh*tty situation before the MC "Heroically comes to the rescue", charms them up, s*xes them, and then feels self-conscious about having s*xed someone who struggled to eat bread 2 days earlier.
    Did that make sense to anyone? Well, I hope it didn't.

    What I think you should've done: Have the MC explore the world a bit from the start. Find his harem members through journey instead of search and perhaps split the brothel and the harem into 2 categories. Make the society a mix of races rather than human superiority. Written the relationship parts in a more lighthearted/comedic way just like you did with the king.

    The reason it's not a good novel even though it could easily qualify for one is that you built it on a house of cards. Every ground pillar of the story is so fragile that you have to balance all the aspects you want in the story, such as Brothel/System/Relationship/Morals/Story progression on a tightrope when in reality you should've never included some of them from the start.

    The main quirk of this should be the brothel, but how is this going to function in 50+ more chapters? Is he just going to buy more slaves, s*x them, and put them to work like it's normal? I think the brothel part of this story is where the main problem is. It's impossible to write, weird to read and there's no long future to it. TL;DR: It's got a good flow to it and is well-paced, everything else is just built to collapse due to the world it's written in and how the main premise completely clashes with the genres of the novel.

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    120 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 7 – your class is…

    While a general rule I’ve set for myself has been to read at least 10 chapters, I feel I have enough info to form an opinion. If anything, I’ll come back and update my review at a later date if I feel it’s necessary  

    I can easily say I’ll continue reading. The author has an interesting take on the isekai genre and has decided to take their time building their world with the first bunch of chapters. I look forward to what the author will be putting out for their story. My only issue with the story is that it feels a bit like wish fulfillment/a self-insert MC. I’m not criticizing the author for this, just pointing out that that’s one of my biggest takeaways so far.

    My main qualms with the story have more to do with the technical side of things. Some awkward sentences, tense change problems, and possibly a lack of editing passes before posting chapters have left some typos and misused words behind. These are all fixable and a natural part of any authors growth in the craft. 

    I will also point out for the author, be wary of how your describe your characters, both male and female. I can see that giving in depth descriptions will be necessary for the future of the story, but being mindful doesn’t ever hurt anyone. Make your characters actual people, regardless of gender or how they identify, and your story will be enriched for it. 

    Also, I hope you kill Kamil down the line. But that’s the grim dark fan in me. Lol. 

    You’re doing something right so far. Keep doing it and your story will be fine. 

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    13 Likes · Like
    Status: undefined

    Hello author, the story has followed a very interesting pace I hope great adventures.

    The only sadness is the low frequency of releases, other than that it has been a lot of fun so far.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 12 – first partners

    I really really really like the story.I'm not good at reviewing something. But this one is good!

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c87

    I hate MCs who are too saintly and share too much affection towards random people. A wife with commitment SHOULD be treated with more compassion than a random women who are just lusting without commitment. MC even had séx with random women without thinking about the opinion of his wife who had devoted her loyalty to him. In my opinion, this is very unfair to the wives side because they don't get more treatment than random girls who are lustful even though they dedicate their bodies & hearts to the MC. BECAUSE MC IS TREATED EVERYONE THE SAME.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: c129

    MC is bland. Super nice, super considerate, never willing to bend someone over a desk and have his way with them without having a detailed Q&A about what *they* want to do, even when he knows what their personality is. It's a little weird considering how much he's able to let go when killing enemies. Pushing people outside of their comfort zone can be a good way to help them, (or better, hinder them once in a great while, leading to reflection, consideration and a resolution that leads to a deeper, more meaningful relationship.)

    It would be a better story if the MC got lost in his powers a bit before getting set back on the right track (by a certain someone I won't name, because it would give too much away.) Or he gets lost in revenge or something. There's not enough conflict to drive a sense of tension. Honestly, the longer I keep reading, the lower I want to rate the story.

    The dude even cleans up his own juices afterwards. I want to read about someone wobbling out of his room, half conscious and leaving a slimy trail of shame on their way to the bath. Nope, MC magics it away, along with the pain they didn't feel when he takes their first time (with a tiny number of brief exceptions in the latter case.)

    One exception to the 'always nice' rule (which really isn't an exception) is when one of the women get especially needy. Once in a great while he will wreck them, but generally only to make an example of them so they don't do it again. Usually, he'll just be like 'No, no, not the time. Got some paperwork to do.' MAJOR BUZZKILL

    The cutesy, sugary head pats and pecks on the cheek/lips would be great if they were limited to a few occasions with people who have personalities that fit, but he constantly does the same with almost everyone. It gets diabetic in a bad way. "Oh you did the job I hired you for. Good girl." *pat* *pat* *peck* *blush* *everyone chuckles* *princess carry* "OMG she's adorbs." - Ugh. It was tender and meaningful at first, but by this point in the story it's just tiresome.

    In the heart of a heavily racist world, he starts a brothel filled with non-humans and everyone else just--goes along with it. There are a tiny number of problems, but they're always easily resolved, natch. Immediate conflict resolution is rather typical of isekai I guess, but it's still a letdown.

    Even if humans were that powerful, other races and tribes losing skilled contributors to human-led slavery would cause a huge commotion. Aside from a little bit of resentment here and there which either immediately gets punished, or else effortlessly smoothed over by the MC, it doesn't feel like there is meaningful animosity between humans and other races.

    The s*x could be far more creative, sloppy and lustful. Better than most smut translated from Japanese, but still with the 'coiling' and 'stirring up' on occasion. Not sure if this story is a translation but at times it definitely reads like it.

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    Status: chapter 196 – halfway there ❤

    this is a good example of what a lewd (not hentai) novel should be.

    Chapters are clearly marked out whether or not they contain anything so a reader can choose what to read and revisit things they like.

    the lewd chapters are actually good, and has a above 20 IQ main character that knows how to take charge and when to hold back.

    the story around the lewd scenes is what keeps the reader invested in the characters and makes them able to look forward to the next time some of them get together.

    even if I find myself skipping the lewd scenes most of the time, I do not mind them because they are well written.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 56 – the abilities of love

    Chewie, we're home...

    We have here an outstanding hidden treasure, which I didn't expect to find at all. The overall atmosphere is kind and relaxing, the story is well written, the girls are jewels with different personalities. Highly recommend to read. But if it was not convincing enought, we have to look at it in depth.

    Setting - 4/5. We have seen isekai quite a few times already, but it's one of the best ways to carry this story. The world works just fine and it's not exactly hard to understand what is exactly going on after the introduction. 

    Story - 5/5. One of the best writing styles I've seen so far. It's not about nuclear surgery or rocket science, so the story is easygoing enough to relax. I was hooked by warm and cozy home here, which is the strongest point of this title in my opinion (actually the M-rated content is the best thing here, I lied)

    Characters - 4.5/5. Mark my words, these people are alive enough to have unique personalities even if we're talking about the girls of same race. It's actually easy to remember girls with such distinctive features, but there will be several dozens of them later. Be ready for some big harem here. (4/5 instead of 5 actually because there are no particular type of character I wanted to see. I'm really biased 'cuz of this, so what can you do about dat I'm sorry)

    M-rated content - ho-ho/5. If you are reading this, you are person of culture indeed. We all know that everything wtitten before is irrelevant for people of culture. Be ready for some high-quality demi-human content covered by variety of major things that people like. 

    Verdict? It's awesome! Take your place in the warm family with breathtaking demi-girls and enjoy yourself. Simple as that. 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: 【prologue arc afterword】

    Writing could use a second pass, but there isn't many mistakes that will make you stop if you have read stuff online for any amount of time. Fresh perspective, nice writing style, all status boxes are on their respective places. Very readable.

    Prologue length was nice, not too short not too long, and it managed to introduce the system and world concisely. I can only hope that the actual main story is also like this, not rushed while also not dragging.

    If I had to find an issue, it would be the writing speed. :/

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    Status: chapter 5 – the abyssals and system...

    There isnt alot of chapters yet, but it's looking promising!

    The same (transported to another world with game mechanics) that we have all seem, but with a few changes to spice it up. The only thing that I have to

    criticize is the weird agression of the boy to the teacher in chapter 5. It felt very forced.  

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