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/ Series / I got reincarnated but as an AI
I got reincarnated but as an AI
I got reincarnated but as an AI
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3.8 (46 ratings)
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In this unknown world I was born.

Or to be more specific reborn.

I was just a 20+ years old NEET that live off my lil sister money. But one day I was hit by a truck and before I know, I was here.

Oh I was reborn as an AI by the way. So I need to fight to survive in this world.

Artificial Intelligence Automatons Brother Complex Fantasy World Humanoid Protagonist Lost Civilizations Non-human Protagonist
  1. Chapter 24Oct 26, 2020
  2. Chapter 23Sep 28, 2020
  3. Chapter 22Jul 31, 2020
  4. Chapter 21Jul 27, 2020
  5. Chapter 20Jul 25, 2020
  6. Chapter 19Jul 16, 2020
  7. Chapter 18Jul 12, 2020
  8. Chapter 17Jul 10, 2020
  9. Chapter 16: Raiga POVJul 6, 2020
  10. Chapter 15Jul 5, 2020
  11. Chapter 14Jul 3, 2020
  12. Side Story: Raiga POVJul 1, 2020
  13. Chapter 13Jul 1, 2020
  14. Chapter 12Jun 29, 2020
  15. Chapter 11Jun 27, 2020
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      Status: c4
      Jan 11, 2021

      One of the worst novels I've ever read.

      Pros: nice setting. 

      Cons: everything else. 

      Characters completely stupid and retarded. Writing style almost nonexistent. Just dry text and stupid MC's attempts to be funny. 

      Characters do not even try to think. Setting tell us that they are two main parts of AI core, but they behave like retarded infants. Ai-chan is supposed to be logical part but she is more emotional than MC. And MC actually tried to do something more times than her. Which is absolutely contradicts what their division as two logically different parts. But still they both completely stupid. And MC is a lot more stupid that Ai. But Ai do not attempts to stop him or even tell him here is something wrong.

      And in the end of 4'th chapter Ai hugged and kissed MC, and she was behaving like any girl from Japanese shounen novels. Emotional and stupid.

      Nothing in this novel has reasoning. And everything is stupid. Withiou any attempts to think. 

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      Status: c20
      Jan 23, 2021

      It's FULL of grammatical errors. The writing style is almost nonexistent and  with a lot of ideas/mechanics/stereotypes  that don't have a sense because they are all taken from other novels and put together  in a very amateurish way. I just spent five minutes  to gain again access to my account (lost password and bla bla bla) only to write this review and put a like to the other one.

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
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