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/ Series / Arcflame, the strongest tree-growing dragon
Arcflame, the strongest tree-growing dragon
Arcflame, the strongest tree-growing dragon
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800 years ago, Arcflame terrorized the world. Millions of monsters lived in fear, as they were forced to grow trees. One day, he was practicing a spell to speed up the growth of trees and was lost in a time hole.

800 years later he returned to find humans running the entire world. Some monsters were battling humans while other monsters were worshipped as gods.

The trees have disappeared. The era of trees growing must return.

ActionAdventureFantasySchool Life
Academy Dragons Magic Magic Beasts Protagonist Strong from the Start
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      Status: --
      Jun 18, 2020

      Arcflame is has four zeroes in his age that shouldn’t be there. He is a literal child. The story even says he created a disaster by growing too many trees. That’s exactly what a child who doesn’t understand restraint would do. Not that that’s a bad thing. It also provides an excuse for why he doesn’t just magick himself back home. An elder told him he can’t and he’s a child so he believes him. 

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      Status: 4. arcflame’s journey
      Jun 15, 2020

      Chapters are very short, sweet and to the point. Not bad for a quick read of something different 

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      Status: 6. path of the dragon
      Jun 16, 2020

      Amazing for keeping me active and not bored but could more a bit more in-depth

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      Status: author’s notes
      Jun 28, 2020

      Its a fresh read for me. I usually read isekai and wuxia novels, so this is a good refresher for me. 

      Arcflame is dope. A super strong dragon from birth who's only life goal is to create new ways to grow plants. He was messing around with an experiment where he played with time to increase the speed of plant growth. He messed up and warped some where in time and was then imprisoned by the God of Time. Time servants later shat themselves and  brought him to a magical girl world to by some time as they realized Arcflame's strengh was over 9000

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