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/ Series / Of Charisma, Death, & Psychopathy
Of Charisma, Death, & Psychopathy
Of Charisma, Death, & Psychopathy
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"Let's reduce our numbers... There’s not enough food, but there are too many useless bastards.”
-King of the Battlefield, Oh Juyoung

"Please choose." -Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, Cheon Inho
'Whether you will divide your assets and become a hero, or monopolize them and become a villain.' (Unspoken)

These two characters share one trait, and that is their unusual adaptivity, something that even the main characters have taken note of. They murder with nay a thought, manipulate with a smile, and even take joy in what should have been a nightmare scenario. It's just, their luck is never good. Whether it is being overshadowed by the protagonist, or even outright murdered by them, these manipulative psychopaths who should have been at the top of the food chain are instead reduced to fodder. But what happens if the protagonist, the main character, is one of these people?

Why, of course... It's complete and total domination.

(Psychopath/Manipulative MC. Apocalypse with unique RPG Elements. Lots and lots of murder. You will not like the main character. By the way, the World-Building is very complicated and complex, despite how I focus on the MC in the synopsis. Tons of stuff will be happening. So. You've been warned.

Or maybe dragged back onto this crazy bandwagon. Trust me, it'll be worth the ride.)

Extra special thanks to @Peculiarflame86 for proofreading everything and just giving me ideas when I get stuck on certain parts. You shall be forever immortalized in... the synopsis. That'll have to be good enough. |−・;)

Apocalypse Army Building Artificial Intelligence Body Tempering Cannibalism Charismatic Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cosmic Wars Cruel Characters Death Discrimination Elemental Magic Evil Protagonist Fast Learner Game Elements Kingdom Building Loyal Subordinates Magic Magic Beasts Manipulative Characters Mutations Psychopaths Technological Gap Wars Weak to Strong
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