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/ Series / Beneath The Shattered Heavens
Beneath The Shattered Heavens
Beneath The Shattered Heavens
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10,000 years ago, the heavens collapsed.
The god of magic, with his overwhelming control over mana, managed to survive.
He tumbled from the sky with his soul bound sword, Exilis,

you’ll see.

“What does one do when there is nothing left in the world for them?
When their life consists of waiting and waiting for humankind to progress?
Is it better to die? When your patience is stretched thin every passing second, mind plagued by doubts. Is it worth the wait? Or is it just as boring as everything else? The existential crisis has plagued me since the beginning of time. Is all of this...worth it?...”


“I wouldn’t know, Master. Moving on, can you put the pine cone down?"

Jaylin nonchalantly looked at the sword flying by his side.
“No. I'm putting in the treasury”

“...Master I’m not letting you put a pine cone in your sacred treasury.”

“Do you think you can stop me, Sword?”

“My name is Exilis, Master.”

“I’m aware. But you’re a sword, are you not?”

“Then- Hey! Put that pine cone down young man!”

“I’m older than you.”

“You don’t look like it. Wait where did the pine cone go?”

“The treasury.”



The main character is way too strong for his own good so if you’re into stories where the MC gradually grows stronger then you probably won’t like this. If you do like those stories, then you probably wont like this either because I suck at writing. Will you stick around for my improvements? Who knows? :>

First time writing, any criticism is appreciated.

Last minute Adventum Contest entry oof. Magic and technology.
As it is last minute, minor(probably...) details are subject to change.

The Adventum Contest
Elemental Magic Guilds Magic Magic Beasts Magical Technology Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Strength-based Social Hierarchy Sword Wielder
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