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/ Series / A Bride for Seven Brothers
A Bride for Seven Brothers
A Bride for Seven Brothers
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It was late fall of 1872 when Sarah Jane first saw the advertisement: SEVEN BROTHERS SEEK BRIDE, followed by the address to write for more information.
After a full year of courtship by mail she goes west to marry Carter Carter in love with the man whose been writing to her all this time.

What she doesn't realise is she has made a terrible mistake. There is no Carter Carter, only Beau, Daniel, Markus, Silas, Luke, Adam, and Will. The seven brothers who have been writing her together this last year and it's their intention to have one wife, Sarah Jane.

She learns that propriety is different in Last Leg Wyoming, where the Doctor is a Married Lesbian, the Mayor wears Ladies dresses, the Ladies Auxiliary isn't actually auxiliary to anything and half it's members are whores.

Beneath the smiles, and the love in which they shower her, are seven deeply broken men that may help her learn there's more ways to live than that perfect home she dreamed of in Boston.

Bisexual Protagonist Brotherhood Complex Family Relationships Cross-dressing Cute Story Doting Love Interests Doting Older Siblings Early Romance Engagement Familial Love Kind Love Interests Reverse Harem Siblings Younger Brothers
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