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First Song
First Song
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Beings of glowing golden energy have fallen to Earth, held within capsules that have been travelling for centuries through interstellar space. They arrive with a mission and a purpose.

After finally finding a place where she can escape from some of her past, a closeted, pre-transition trans woman is going home at the end of her first year of university. She struggles with the pain of leaving her friends and returning to the place of many painful memories and expectations.

An oak tree, a squirrel and an overcrowded service station will change her life, and the world, forever.

ActionAdultDramaGender BenderGirls LoveMatureRomanceSci-fiSlice of Life
Aliens Appearance Changes Beautiful Female Lead College/University Determined Protagonist Earth Invasion Family Female Protagonist Heartwarming Love at First Sight Magic Male to Female Modern Day R-18 Saving the World Siblings Special Abilities Transgender World Travel
Table of Contents 44
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 11 – eyes of gold

    This story popped up from The middle of nowhere for all of us, like trans-affirming space goo flying through the vacuum of space. This tale of alien symbiotes, sisters, and change so far is heart warming and fascinating. I'm sure it will just get more complicated and intriguing as time goes on. But for now, thanks Sophine for writing this awesome story.

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    Status: chapter 44 – the end of part 1

    Helpful alien symbiotes, super-cute girls love, loving and protective parents - all there to give our heroine an edge while facing human stupidity and alien agression.

    I love it! And the story is pretty well written too! So cute and captivating, letting you switch from biting your fingernails to melting into a puddle of feels.

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    Status: chapter 33 – before the storm

    If you could change your life, what price would you pay? In this case an alien symbiote offers a young woman the chance to transform herself fully. She even gets super powers in the deal.

    The price? Front line in a war against another genocidal race intent on wiping out all life on earth.

    It might make one hesitate. Luckily an adorable squirrel is thrown in on the deal. Worth it!

    Come for the super powered girls love story. Stay for "Dude, she was LITERALLY just throwing plasma blasts. Maybe getting handsy with her sister is a BAD idea."

    Interesting characters. Stable release schedule. Makes you want more. 

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    Status: chapter 15 – you chose me

    Such a wonderful adventure. Space magic, family bonds, gender feels. Action, aliens, romance.

    It's been a fantastic read so far and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

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