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/ Series / Android’s Fantasy Life
Android’s Fantasy Life
Android’s Fantasy Life
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After the end of the world a household android runs out of power after waiting for the self-destruct protocol after the death of their master. Entering a sleep like state its only regret that it could not save its master as it awaits a new power source.

(I am bad at writing so don't expect much)

AdventureFantasyGirls LoveLitRPG
Androids Animal Characteristics Artifact Crafting Artifacts Childish Protagonist Cute Protagonist
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      Status: a night of chatter
      Jul 17, 2020

      This story seems like an honest attempt at reincarnation from a wartorn world to fluffy fantasy.

      The overarching story elements that I can see are interesting and despite a lot of elements being set up like wish-fulfillment fantasy, there's quite a bit of potential.

      Where this story falters is in the details. The spelling and grammar are poor. The author shifts to a stage play / multi POV writing style later, but it's not used effectively. 

      Some characters feel flat. There's one situation where one character has to go meet a king, and their parent goes "oh well, I guess we can make the king wait so be off now". No mention of honor or surprise in such a scene.

      Effectively, it's a good wireframe of a story. Could do with a loooot more polish, but it works.

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