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Android’s Fantasy Life
Android’s Fantasy Life
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The main Character. She is a First generation android who serves Jade.

Crystals master and a aspiring mage. She has knowledge long since lost and forbidden by god.


The one of the hero's disciple. She is a trapper and specializes in capturing and containing targets.

She has a bad reputation for being too fond of little girls.

King Gabriel Estill

The current King of Estill is known for being a fair and just ruler. However those who are close to him know that he is a prankster.


The Kings closest companion, friends since childhood he now dutifully serves the King. 

After gaining the blessing of both the god of life and death he gain a unique type of magic, purgatory magic in exchange for some of his aptitude in both light and dark magic. 

He can use this magic to create a space in witch no one can die so long as he set it up before hand, however this takes about a year to do and he can only have one field out at once. 


The strongest of the royal guard. Know for being compassionate he boast strength second only to the hero Roy, but his swordsman ship easily makes up for it.

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      Status: a night of chatter
      Jul 17, 2020

      This story seems like an honest attempt at reincarnation from a wartorn world to fluffy fantasy.

      The overarching story elements that I can see are interesting and despite a lot of elements being set up like wish-fulfillment fantasy, there's quite a bit of potential.

      Where this story falters is in the details. The spelling and grammar are poor. The author shifts to a stage play / multi POV writing style later, but it's not used effectively. 

      Some characters feel flat. There's one situation where one character has to go meet a king, and their parent goes "oh well, I guess we can make the king wait so be off now". No mention of honor or surprise in such a scene.

      Effectively, it's a good wireframe of a story. Could do with a loooot more polish, but it works.

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