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/ Series / Disgraced 10 Minutes After Arrival
Disgraced 10 Minutes After Arrival
Disgraced 10 Minutes After Arrival
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4.9 (73 ratings)
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Word Count:47,644
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      Status: 11. demons (3)

      (Warning: General expositional spoilers up to chapter 11.)

      To be fair I haven't read many transmigration novels, so I don't know the popular conventions of this genre and its variations. The premise is pretty straightforward in most cases though: guy somehow finds himself transmigrated into the body of a cannon fodder character, and tries to survive by using his knowledge of the plot to circumvent his pre-written demise, with interesting results. Seems par for the course, right? Tons of transmigration novels are like this.

      What caught my attention for Disgraced 10 Minutes After Arrival though is the personality of the MC, Xu Jian. The writer put a lot of effort in alluding to his previous life before transmigrating, Xu Jian mundanely sprinkling in details about tragic aspects of his past life as if he’s resigned to his misfortune. It’s a good background to his reactions to everything that happens to him as Xu Jian... you know that every choice he makes is a result of his past experiences, which I don't think a lot of transmigration novels take into account. He's obviously traumatized; he's uncomfortably desensitized to the awful stuff he's subjected to at the beginning of the novel, and his narrative POV often refuses to acknowledge instances where he feels frustration at his misery, since this is how he learned to cope. Because of this he's also an incredibly unreliable narrator; he's not oblivious for the sake of being oblivious, he actually refuses to see the whole picture. "One cannot afford to worry" is a great motto when interpreted positively, not by numbing perfectly valid emotional reactions to awful circumstances. Consequently, his detached emotions enable him to use other characters as pawns for his own gain, which is a moral flaw I’m looking forward to being addressed. I’m very impressed by this characterization!

      (Spoilers for the ML below)


      The ML, Ying Long, was only recently introduced so there's not much about him yet, but lot can be said about him. Xu Jian seems to know a bit about him from reading the original novel. His most glaring character flaw as of now is his "interest" in human culture and his objectification of it, and namely Xu Jian after taking him in. This is me guessing wildly now but I’m assuming that this is rooted in the "trauma" that Xu Jian vaguely alludes to for Ying Long... he mentions that Ying Long is "slow to trust, " so I'm assuming his warped interest in humans is just a way to avoid developing any kind of meaningful bond with another person, since the reason Ying Long takes Xu Jian in is because he sees Xu Jian as harmless and pathetic. He sees Xu Jian as “safe.” I think Xu Jian will to take advantage of Ying Long's condescending view on humans which will eventually lead to a turning point in their relationship. It would be an interesting way to play off their individual traumas, but time will only tell if my prediction is correct.


      Overall, the writer does a great job characterizing the MC and ML's flaws and strengths. As they stand, I’m very amused by their current dynamic so far; I’m very interested in how they'll develop. The only way from here is up, I suppose!

      Other than the characters, the writing and pacing are all very good from a technical standpoint. I can't comment it on it in depth because I’ve always been more of a reader than a writer, but the prose flows well and the chapters are nicely organized. The chapters are also supplemented by great illustrations, which are always a treat!

      Really, take a chance on this webnovel if you haven’t already! I wrote so much about them and frankly I’m a little embarrassed, but I wouldn’t have gushed this much if I didn’t mean it.

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: c19

      Ying Yong's impressive pecs drew me in.

      But Xu Jian made me stay. 

      And then the flawless art was like the icing on the cake that is the story of such sweet magnitude. 

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: 16. qi deviation (1)

      Mature way of writing. Interesting MC. Im already getting the cute feels from the mlxMC interaction  

      Beautiful illustrations!!!

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