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Walking in Shadows
Walking in Shadows
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In a world filled with magic, anomalies have surfaced across every lands. Robert Ross, a seemingly fifteen year old boy employed by a mysterious benefactor to investigate these anomalies in a city residing within a valley. Although the mission is a dire one, Robert wasn't one to disregard his indulgence and pleasure, especially when the city has so much to offer.

Simple Version: MC has hidden OP powers. Hired to solve mysteries by an unknown powerful benefactor. Gathers bunch of girls while off duty. Harem-seeking during the day, badass at night.

A/N: You can also check this story out on RoyalRoad which I have began posting on RoyalRoad under the name Hikufalafel. Feel free to support me on Patreon @

New chapter every Wednesday and Sunday (MST), unless complications come up.

Academy Adventurers Age Progression Antihero Protagonist Average-looking Protagonist Character Growth Clever Protagonist Demons Dragons Enemies Become Lovers Evil Gods Harem-seeking Protagonist Hidden Abilities Hunters Magic Magic Beasts Monsters Mysterious Past Mystery Solving Older Love Interests Strong Love Interests Ugly to Beautiful Underestimated Protagonist
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      Status: 014 – akaeles avenue
      Jul 14, 2020

      Looks promising to me the mystery is there, there are some characters that is too dumb (some young master/heir) , and the fighting looks good to me it is not as thoughtless as MC on other story who bruteforce everything

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      Status: c25
      Oct 4, 2020

      Some of the comments made me write this somewhat review or commentary. 

      A quick warning:


      First, I agree with people about the cliché of hiding the strength of the protagonists in stories somehow being tedious (sometimes even from their loved ones) and then it later came back to bite them in the ass, I get it...


      This MC character has a job, if showing his hand might scare the prey then the smart choice is to hide it. And not every character he interacts with is immediately worthy of his trust, this is a different world with a different values and culture, so while it takes a lil time, he does reveals his plans and capabilities to those that earned them. AND THIS IS A VITAL DIFFERENCE!! 

      IF you read the description AND the name of the title AND the tags of the story and you still CHOOSE to read it THEN if you expect an immediate response, or that he reveals all his plans and goals, or that he doesn't give the other cheek (just so he could deal with it as his leisure) THIS STORY MIGHT NOT BE FOR YOU.

      The reason why I mention this is because people comment about some situations that happened in the SAME chapter and they RANT about how they don't like it without waiting to its resolution (even when the author gives clues AND warnings about it). 

      Sure, different tastes and all that, it just that why do you do this yourselves when you are not comfortable with the story themes THAT THE AUTHOR WARNS YOU ABOUT. 

      Just move along if this upset you.


      With that out of the way, some quick notes follows:

      The MC isn't OP (yet at least), so he does not have that safety net, and we do not know how much is he supported or trusted by his employer and if MC reciprocate this feelings. 

      The mistery solving is minor to nil at the time (there are some investigative elements sprinkled here and there) but mostly character interactions with setting building with some action scenes showing our MC capabilities to keep you interested. The characters are definitely the meat of the show here. 

      No immediate friends or enemies, he doesn't appear to have anyone close at the start not because he is jaded, on the contrary he appears open to them, just that he is the cautious type (even if he beds some). Also, he appears promiscuous but his implied background shed some light on his cultural mores. 

      As for the rest, well the author has certainly piqued my interest in their past and motivations, they feel alive and not just there to move the plot. They hide or deceive others (sometimes even themselves) in the pursuit of their goals. They affect the world that our MC inhabits and the author certainly shows this instead of telling you. 


      Shy girl and kitty are the best!


      And just for this, I certainly recommend you give it a try. 

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