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/ Series / The Vampire’s Templar
The Vampire’s Templar
The Vampire’s Templar
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4.6 (118 ratings)
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The holy knight Carmen never questioned his beliefs, even while he laid dying at the hands of a vampire. But death would not be the end for him. When Carmen next woke up, he found himself "alive" once again in the body of an animated corpse—a zombie—that was forced to slave away in the mines of a human kingdom.

As a proud, former knight, Carmen could not allow this wretched practice to continue. He must find a way to escape, regain his body and status, and uncover the truth. But there was something strange about this was that of a little girl.

A smug and cute vampire bullying another cute vampire
A cute vampire growing up
Sweet, sweet yuri
More sweet yuri because it's a harem
Actual plot

Adventum: Reincarnated as a Non-Human

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      Status: c45
      Jul 30, 2020

      Its complicated, I really enjoyed reading, its well written with good grammar and pacing, I also quite enjoy the pov changes to see how other characters think and besides the MC the other characters are relateable and the motives understandable, a good idea and interesting powers. There is just one glaring flaw in this story sadly and that is that the MC has no backbone, after getting his friends and soldiers killed and kidnapped, beeing tortured for who knows how long, getting a forced race and s*x change then dumped into a weak body and fighting for survival, what does he do? He submits to the person that brought all this pain to him. I can accept that she is stronger than him and he doesnt want to fight her, but he is not beeing rebellious nor has he thoughts of how to get back at her, he submitted fully and doesnt seem care about beeing blackmailed over the lives of his soldiers and friends, what a nice guy! Honestly I would probably rate this story lower but I still enjoyed it enough. Sorry for the rant but it was depressing on parts to read. My feelings are split but I still hope to see more in the future anyways^^

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      Status: chapter 42: girls gathering berries
      Jul 29, 2020

      So I'm going to preface this with I've never written a review before but I'll do my best using other reviews as a template. I'll also try to be objective as possible but keep in mind I really love this novel so my ratings may be a bit skewed.

      For reference my rating system is as follows

      1 star: bottom of the barrel trash

      2 stars: bad but not awful

      3 stars: average, could be better could be worse 

      4 stars: very good, has great points and there is little wrong with it but could use some improvements 

      5 stars: absolutely perfect

      Characters: 4 / 5

      So the cast for the most part is likable but not necessarily completely unique. The story focuses on a handful of characters without spreading development to thin. There are two main problems I see with the characters but the author is working to remedy the first one currently. Firstly The relationship between characters most importantly the MC and the vampire that turned him are not clearly defined. Secondly secondary characters that matter to the plot but aren't part of the main cast feel very flat. On the other hand in the first few chapters you can clearly understand the way the MC and the vampire act. The vampire is a tease who has unclear motivations that are somewhat revealed later on. The MC has strong convictions and a mostly upright way of thinking but it's shown to be flexible and willing to adapt to their situation without feeling like they are just going with the flow. They have clear long term and short term goals and are willing to change their plans if they have to instead of doubling down on them. Sadly the MC is the most "defined" character by a wide margin.

      Plot 4 / 5: The story is well paced with a good balance of action, scheming, and silly antics. The plot isn't the most original but it hasn't exactly been overdone either and the author manages to put their own spin on it. 

      Pacing 4.5 / 5 The pacing matches well with the chapter per day format and cliffhangers are few and far between. Chapters are mid length and you still feel like something has been accomplished in each one even if the progress hasn't been huge. I'm reluctant to give it a perfect but this is probably one of the best paced novels I've ever seen if not the best.

      World building 3 / 5: this is where I hit a snag I don't really know enough about world building to put a proper rating because I've always been more interested in characters and plot than a complex and interesting world.

      Personal enjoyment 5 / 5: okay here's where I get to be subjective. I love this novel and find myself looking forward to a new chapter each day. I am biased towards the genre and there is some obvious hints of possible girl x girl romance coming though no actual scenes have happened yet.

      Overall rating: 4.3 / 5

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