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/ Series / The Vampire’s Templar
The Vampire’s Templar
The Vampire’s Templar
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Carmen (Camilla)

Age: 27
Height (formerly): 189 cm

A templar-turned-zombie vampire.

At first, she is ardent in her belief of human superiority and the evilness of demons and undead, she soon learns that the world is not as black and white as she thinks. She also realizes that the world is more than the limited things she had seen.

Likes: Sweets, learning new magic
Dislikes: High ranking clergy, hard foods


Age: ??
Height: 176 cm

A knight-class zombie lich that met Carmen first met in Amaranthine Point.

Impressed with the strength and uniqueness of a fellow zombie, she leaves the undead haven to accompany Carmen on her mission, pledging to serve Carmen faithfully. Although Carmen doesn't welcome her, Carmen does grow to tolerate her after realizing that Kagriss was in for the long haul.

Likes: Watching people, girls
Dislikes: The Church, boys


Age: 14
Height: 143 cm

A naive acolyte of the Church.

She is the acolyte that serves under Father Arvel. When she was young, she liked to play with Carmen, who often came over, seeing him as an uncle, and maybe something more.

Likes: Calligraphy, learning new magics, playing pranks on Carmen when (s)he came over to play
Dislikes: High ranking clergy


Age: 15
Height: 158 cm

A mentally unstable acolyte stationed at the Amaranthine Point outpost.

For uncertain reasons, Anne was sent to the Amaranthine Point outpost soon after she became an acolyte. For over two years, she fought alongside the personnel at the outpost, gaining vast amounts of experience at fighting undead. Her purpose in life was reduced to battle until the arrival of a second acolyte at the outpost.

Likes: Fleur, reading, killing undead
Dislikes: People that Fleur likes


Age: ???
Height: 151 cm

A member of vampire nobility.

She turned Carmen into a vampire for unknown reasons and calls her Camilla.

Likes: political maneuvering, keeping tabs on Camilla's activities, lazing around in bed
Dislikes: Fighting

Father Arvel

Age: 31
Height: 192 cm

A priest of the Church.

A middle-aged priest skilled in magic, yet cursed with a low amount of mana and maximum output. As such, he dedicates his free time to studying magic. In order to keep his time free, he has refused multiple promotions.

An old friend of Carmen's who acted like a voice of reason and a source of advice.

Likes: researching magic, learning history, and baking
Dislikes: High ranking clergy

Gem of Undead Control
A ruby-red crystal in the possession of the Church that is filled with undead mana and something else.

Its wielder can use the crystal to raise undead, granting the wielder absolute control over said undead. However, the effects are not permanent and control over the undead will fade depending on the amount of undead raised.

Under certain circumstances, it may explode.
Amaranthine Point

An ancient fortress city that has stood for many thousands of years.

During an ancient war, a spell was cast on top of it, turning all of its residents into undead, and desecrating the ground beneath the city.

Now, the fortress city is home to a few hundred thousand lesser undeads, a few thousand knight-class undeads, a few lord-class undeads, and possibly a king-class undead.

Why have this undead force not broken out of the city? It is a secret no one know.


A race characterized by their mastery over blood magic. They are unique in that they can convert members of other races to their own, as well as being compatible partners for every other race, although their offspring are always considered vampires.

They are an extremely hierarchical race, split into three distinct castes: the thralls, the lesser vampires, and the vampire nobles.

  • Thralls are monsters-like vampires that act more like simple animals than a civilized person. They are created when vampires bite and drain a victim of their blood without sacrificing their own power. They resemble warped versions of their original races.
    Any kind of vampire can produce thralls.
  • Lesser vampires are vampires produced through intercourse with other races. Such vampires have minor talent in blood magic and looks like a toned-down version of the non-vampire side of the union. If two vampires come together, the offspring looks like a mix between the parents.
    Lesser vampires and vampire nobles can produce lesser vampires.
  • Vampire nobles are vampires created when another vampire noble drain a prospective heir of their blood while simultaneously filling them with their own blood and magic. Doing such a thing weakens the vampire noble significantly while creating a second vampire noble. Vampire nobles are always women of smaller statures, often with silver hair.
    Only vampire nobles can produce vampire nobles.

Undead are a pseudo-race with mastery over undead magic. They are created from the corpses of others, although human corpses are the most compatible with existing creation spells.

Undead are commonly classified according to strength. Eventually, the sapient undeads adopted the foreign classifications for their own use, forming the basis of their own society.

  • Lesser Undead
  • Knight-class Undead
  • Lord-class Undead
  • King-class Undead
According to a certain skeleton, undeads are raised with fresh souls, gaining skills from the essence remaining in the dead bodies that they comprise of. However, there are exceptions, named Impures, for undead which uses souls of existing people.

A race with mastery over holy, or light magic. However, some individuals are skilled with undead magic, although they are persecuted as defilers and blasphemers.

They are a fundamentally weak but numerous race, with a high potential. Every generation, a few powerful individuals are born to become the champions of humanity with strength rivaling the stronger members of other races.

Strangely enough, an organization called the Church controls much of humanity, using their power to unite the human states and wage war on the other races that they call 'demons'.

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      New RoyalYun
      Status: c45
      Jul 30, 2020

      Its complicated, I really enjoyed reading, its well written with good grammar and pacing, I also quite enjoy the pov changes to see how other characters think and besides the MC the other characters are relateable and the motives understandable, a good idea and interesting powers. There is just one glaring flaw in this story sadly and that is that the MC has no backbone, after getting his friends and soldiers killed and kidnapped, beeing tortured for who knows how long, getting a forced race and s*x change then dumped into a weak body and fighting for survival, what does he do? He submits to the person that brought all this pain to him. I can accept that she is stronger than him and he doesnt want to fight her, but he is not beeing rebellious nor has he thoughts of how to get back at her, he submitted fully and doesnt seem care about beeing blackmailed over the lives of his soldiers and friends, what a nice guy! Honestly I would probably rate this story lower but I still enjoyed it enough. Sorry for the rant but it was depressing on parts to read. My feelings are split but I still hope to see more in the future anyways^^

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      New AliceHiess
      Status: chapter 42: girls gathering berries
      Jul 29, 2020

      So I'm going to preface this with I've never written a review before but I'll do my best using other reviews as a template. I'll also try to be objective as possible but keep in mind I really love this novel so my ratings may be a bit skewed.

      For reference my rating system is as follows

      1 star: bottom of the barrel trash

      2 stars: bad but not awful

      3 stars: average, could be better could be worse 

      4 stars: very good, has great points and there is little wrong with it but could use some improvements 

      5 stars: absolutely perfect

      Characters: 4 / 5

      So the cast for the most part is likable but not necessarily completely unique. The story focuses on a handful of characters without spreading development to thin. There are two main problems I see with the characters but the author is working to remedy the first one currently. Firstly The relationship between characters most importantly the MC and the vampire that turned him are not clearly defined. Secondly secondary characters that matter to the plot but aren't part of the main cast feel very flat. On the other hand in the first few chapters you can clearly understand the way the MC and the vampire act. The vampire is a tease who has unclear motivations that are somewhat revealed later on. The MC has strong convictions and a mostly upright way of thinking but it's shown to be flexible and willing to adapt to their situation without feeling like they are just going with the flow. They have clear long term and short term goals and are willing to change their plans if they have to instead of doubling down on them. Sadly the MC is the most "defined" character by a wide margin.

      Plot 4 / 5: The story is well paced with a good balance of action, scheming, and silly antics. The plot isn't the most original but it hasn't exactly been overdone either and the author manages to put their own spin on it. 

      Pacing 4.5 / 5 The pacing matches well with the chapter per day format and cliffhangers are few and far between. Chapters are mid length and you still feel like something has been accomplished in each one even if the progress hasn't been huge. I'm reluctant to give it a perfect but this is probably one of the best paced novels I've ever seen if not the best.

      World building 3 / 5: this is where I hit a snag I don't really know enough about world building to put a proper rating because I've always been more interested in characters and plot than a complex and interesting world.

      Personal enjoyment 5 / 5: okay here's where I get to be subjective. I love this novel and find myself looking forward to a new chapter each day. I am biased towards the genre and there is some obvious hints of possible girl x girl romance coming though no actual scenes have happened yet.

      Overall rating: 4.3 / 5

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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