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/ Series / Ten Lives Nine Deaths
Ten Lives Nine Deaths
Ten Lives Nine Deaths
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4.8 (4 ratings)
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If you read my story on any website besides Royal Road and Scribble Hub, the website has copied my story without my permission.

Humans rule their known galaxy. They look upon primitive worlds like a benevolent parent and decide they can assist their advancement until developed sufficiently to join the happy human galactic family. Abiding by strict rules and subject to governance, the Galactic Planet Agency (GPA), on behalf of humankind, manipulates the development of planets by inserting a new life, a Galactic Planet Agent, into the native inhabitant’s community. Biding their time, the Agent rises to a position of power to exert the required influence to guide the native population in the appropriate direction: Civilisation -> Technology -> Trade -> Exploitation. Oops, scratch that last one …

For one Agent, his expected leave is cancelled, and an unknown sponsor orchestrates his next mission for a different purpose. This is his story (First Person POV).

Note: Log Cabin Background from David Maltais

N.B. The sexual content is innuendo.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyHaremMatureMysteryRomanceSlice of Life
Appearance Changes Character Growth Conspiracies Fantasy World Goblins Kingdom Building Mystery Solving Reincarnated into Another World Transported into Another World
Table of Contents 107
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    Status: 2.003 the deeds of the day

    This story has been flying under the radar of people for far too long. And noone bothered to write a review, which is totally undeserved.

    I must admit, I struggled with the first few chapters and it took me a while to actually relate to the main character. This is not due to the fact of him being a hobgoblin but rather the authors style of writing in those chapters. As the author levelled up [storytelling] pretty fast in the following chapters, I was rewarded with a unique point of view from an interesting main characters. I really grew to love the story.

    The only reason, I am not giving it the full 5 points is due to the fact, that the author left so many beautiful side stories and emerging plots unfinished when he suddenly finished the first story arc. This actually did upset me, so the story managed to sneak into my heart.

    You should not read the spoiler containing the subplots I am missing, if you haven't finished ther first arc yet.


    I would have loved to see the quest for the armor unfold and the firtst two wives redeeming themselves. I would have loved their mother either doing something selfless to save her daughters or something selfish to loose her family and regret it later. I would have loved to watch the MC interacting with the smith about ironsmelting and smithing. And of course the first generation of his offspring being born without their mothers dying. And the farm grow and feed many people who would have died during the winter. And some conflict and its resolution with the neighboring tribes, especially the Flint Arrows.


    Dear author, now that you started the second arc, please keep up the good work, take your time to not only hint new plots but also bring them to an end, use them to flesh out the sidekicks, the world and I definitely write another review at the end of this arc.

    Dear readers, leave some hearts, ratings and friendly reviews. The story deserves a bit more attention. Ok, a lot more, actually. And definitely some love.

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    Status: 2.020 bait.

    I'm picky when it comes to stories I like. This story is well written, well paced, and interesting.

    Although It's obvious the author's native language is not English, and makes several new author mistakes, it is well worth the read. The story concept is novel and internally consistent. The story characters are fairly well developed. The story is ongoing.

    Give it a try. You will find yourself engrossed in this most excellent story.

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