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/ Series / The Super-powered Villain strikes back!
The Super-powered Villain strikes back!
The Super-powered Villain strikes back!
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After school was over Seth was looking forward to the holidays, learning a new skill or language, reading and playing video games whilst lazing about the house, well except for the first one. At least that was the plan before an overnight event known as ‘The Upheaval’ changed the world by mutating humans and granting them supernatural powers. With Seth’s new body comes new problems involving discrimination, law enforcement, empowered people, and a dangerously corrupt bureaucracy.

The first 10 or so chapters will be the protagonist familiarising themselves with their new body and meeting their parents. From then on the protagonist will be on the run from the government after they try to secretly capture enhanced people and heroes after the protagonist is labelled a criminal.

ActionAdventureGender BenderGirls LoveRomanceSupernaturalTragedy
Animal Characteristics Apocalypse Appearance Changes Beastkin Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Clever Protagonist Dark Discrimination Firearms Genetic Modifications Heroes Invisibility Male to Female Modern Fantasy Mutations Outcasts Police Racism Romantic Subplot Secret Identity Unlucky Protagonist
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      Status: chapter 21 reflection and reorganising
      Jul 13, 2020

      The story is very fun so far, the MC while not a genius is not braindead either, the chapters are very easy too read and the author also releases fuc*ing fast, in general an fun and light story, looking forward to what will happen next, congrats Miner :D

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