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Adventure King (R-18)
Adventure King (R-18)
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3.7 (280 ratings)
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Keaton Pel is the result of a failed reincarnation into a brutal fantasy world. It's a tough world, but Keaton has one thing working in his favor, his level system. In a world without levels, he reigns supreme.

P.S. Mind the genres and tags.

Abusive Characters Antihero Protagonist BDSM Beastkin Cruel Characters Demi-Humans Depictions of Cruelty Dungeons Evil Protagonist Fantasy World Game Elements Level System Magic Male Protagonist Monster Girls Monsters Overpowered Protagonist Perverted Protagonist R-18 Rape Selfish Protagonist Sexual Abuse Slave Harem Slaves Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: return of shame ch62

    Hmmm it's an interesting novel, but there's too many loop holes in the story...


    Power wise: The system progression is pretty  interesting and easy to understand, no problems with that. The problem comes from the strenght system of some1 who doesn't have a system, there's no in depth explanation until now, but there's no way that some1 without a system can get as strong as some1 with a system, at this chapter he should be already in the top 30% of strenght in human kind. Warriors get stronger because their armours are from stronger monsters therefore they can use a portion of it's power. Mages progression is a mistery but the only way to increase inteligence and charisma till now are very expensive medicines that 99% of the population doesn't have acess to. So only 1% of the population consists of mages and warriors are mostly weak... (there are guys who are stronger than the MC now, but not stat wise. If the MC knew how to fight he could probably kill all 50k citizens in the city he "spawns", the only thing stopping him is battle experience and weapon experience).

    Personality:... this is hard to explain, the protagonist is a shallow little bitch. He treats the weak with arrogance and the semi-strong with reverence. Belle, the protagonists slave and first concubine (who has been with the MC since his infancy) is treated as baddly as you can think, it's not physical agression tho, it's mental, he treats her like a pet, therefore she is a pet, and somehow she still loves him (and they say japanese MC's have plot armour...). 

    So, now that we have
    established how he treats ppl that like him, let's talk about why he's a little bitch. There's a blacksmith shop in the town (Vel's shop, there's probably more than one blacksmith in a town of 50k ppl, but this is the only one that's mentioned), the blacksmith treats our MC like trash since the first time they met, in one of the chapters the blacksmith Vel intimidates our protagonist because he thinks Keaton (MC) is being rude to him, the protagonist at this point should be 5x stronger than the blacksmith but instead of confronting him or just leaving the shop and finding a different blacksmith shop he acts like a shy 10yo... That in my opinion makes him some1 without character, he's weak against the "strong" (it doesn't need to be physically strong, strong attitude, etc.) and with some1 who loves him, he treats her like a pet, he actually buys a collar for her and makes her sleep chained to a pole btw... 

    The female protagonists are all very shallow too...

    Belle: the submissive slave girl who does everything he asks and has 0 personality besides being a s*x addict;

    Tammy: the gold digger girl who never gave a damn for the protagonist until it's found out he's a "mage", then she's suddenly in love with him and instantly becomes a harem member;

    Marcela: the noble daughter of a baron, who doesn't like the protagonist, but has to marry him because the baron commanded it. Obviously she has a past fling and the guy tries to kill the MC, that old cliche who keeps repeating itself... (btw, first time they meet, MC suddenly loves her and is willing to wait for her to love him back before marrying her, 15ch later he rapes her, spoiler alert).

    World: Nothing to talk about really, we are given the information that there's a few races, the main enemy of the humans tho are the beastkin and the monsters. 

    Story: It's quite interesting actually, most of the reason why it received a 3* in my rating. A random goddes sends a "hero" to the world with a system, but the soul of the "hero" gets rekt and the kid starts receiving a few memories of the "hero" and gets a system, the goddes wants to f**k the humans up and help the beastkin, but he's sent to a human body. The goddes is kind of a bitch too so there's a good chance he'll go against her, therefore against the beastkin kingdoms... 

    Nobility and the commoner view: It's kinda akward actually, so knights are considered nobility and our MC is the sixth son of a knight. The problem is that the commoners treat him like trash, if you think about it a knight needs to be strong and have a connection with a stronger noble (rank wise) since to be knighted you need a noble of baron rank or higher, some1 in this position could make the life of a commoner hell, even if the father of the protagonist doesn't like him and he's the sixth son he shouldn't be getting treated like this, afterall it's a matter of honour, if you can step on the son of a noble, what makes him noble? does not make any sense to me...

    There was a poll asking if the author should start the novel from the beginning or continue the story, saddly I wasn't able to participate in it since It took me a while to start reading this, but in my opinion the statistics tell no lies, the first 10 chapters received 75+ likes and it's been a while since the viewership is dropping. I'm deeply interested by the story and want to see more, but if the story is re-started with a clearer focus it would definitly be one of those stories that keep a reader entertained until 300ch +.

    All in all if you don't mind what I said before, the novel should be entertaining enough. 

    I thank every1 for reading this and apologize for typos and commas that I missed!


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    33 Likes · Like
    Status: c20

    If you wish to read about a weak-willed "Japanese" MC then look no further than this novel. Watch how despite given ultracheats, the MC acts weak-willed and has no knowledge of finances. He doesn't try to change anything in the world but goes along with the flow despite having modern knowledge. Its really irrelevant that he has earth knowledge since his weakass doesn't use it to his advantage.

    I feel the MC is a reflection of the author seeing how he is afraid to type out age and constantly skirts it like the MC skirting through life.

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    18 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    The only reason this novel gets 1 star is because the world he's in and the underlying story, which is barely (by the point I read anyway) even touched upon draws you in JUST enough that the rest of the trash that happens makes you all the more disappointed / upset with the novel.

    This is the first smut novel where I actually got tired of the s*xual content and wanted it gone, and given there are literally thousands, hundreds of thousands of better normal fantasy (non smut) stories, there's no reason for this to exist or be read.

    The protagonist is your standard, no personality but suddenly has a system loser. I don't think it's intentionally written this way (it's the opposite of what you would expect from this kind of character) but he swaggers and acts arrogantly to anyone socially below himself but whimpers to anyone who puts up a strong front. 

    In terms of the smut content, he has one slave maid in the beginning that adores him and puts his life far above her own, loves him unconditionally but for no reason he tortures her emotionally, most people in the comments found his abusive behavior disturbing. He doesn't go particularly far or do anything particularly sinister, it's just pointless. For no reason he will convince the slave girl he's going to abandon her and then after a week of psychologically torturing her, when shes about to break tell her she can be with him but only if she accepts being a subhuman, even though she'd be willing to do anything he said purely on verbal command. 

    Then the MC meets a woman while he's selling bloody half man-half rat corpses by the hundreds, she tells him she slept with the boss to get her job and would do the same for her, and he immediately takes her as his woman and loves her (while still abusing the slave maid for no reason).

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    9 Likes · Like

    Honestly this novel is pretty good, I'll start with the people the characters are humans they have problems and dislikes that are pretty reasonable MC is I don't know what to say he's just a normal compared to other MC in fantasy settings not ruthless enough not kind enough just neutral. S*x scenes are good so far pretty juicy if I say so myself MC is into some kinky sh*t sometimes though. World building is not the strong suit right now but it should be up when the chapters get released. Overall 4.5 give it a try

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: c79

    Honestly, the concept of this story had potential. I was hopping for much more when I started reading it but it soon became apparent that this is one of those stories where the author constantly nerfs the mc's intelligence in order to have him doing something dumb and create problems.

    I can honestly say that the worst enemy of the MC is himself. What with all the ridiculous things he constantly does that doesn't make any sense and always result with the MC having more problems.

    But the author goes beyond that. Not content with having a dumb MC, he also twists every single character in the bloody story to abandon any common sense and always act against the MC. Yep, yhis is one of those stories where the MC, no matter what he does, will always have the rest of the world against him.

    I just wish I knew beforehand what kind of nonsense the author pulls in the story. Totally unberable.

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    Status: ch 71. distractions

    I agree with almost all of the critique in other reviews, but I have to say that I enjoy the story enough so far that I just don't mind the blemishes.

    I really enjoy the characters and that they feel quite cohesive so far. I also enjoy the s*x scenes. I can feel that the abuse of the poor beastkin girl goes a bit too far at times, but that's probably because she's my favorite character and I want to protect her innocence. :-)

    The story have not progressed that far yet, but I get a feeling that it will pick up soon.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c40

    It's alright, so far. Nothing too major happened but it's an enjoyable read.

    The R-18 scenes however, is amazing. Really hope to see what kind of twisted fetish MC will come up in the future.

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    Status: ch 91. reckoning



    , the MC is kinda a "failed" reincarnation, which himself is choose to be he is right now, a Keaton from this fantasy world rather than someone from modern world. And as I read in the very first chp if I am not wrong, his memory from modern world and the act of summoning by the goddes herself is rather vague and disturbing for MC.


    And about the story itself, well yeah if you expect some civilized MC from modern society then this nope, this is not. Here, MC is just your knight's son from medieval fantasy world that rather twisted, weird or whatever. 

    Why he act just like jerk, selfish person is oblivious, he has no motherly love, his own enjoyment before he got his cheat goes up is just his only slave. And when he got his power by system, a promised marriage to beautiful young lady from noble lineage, who doesnt wanna hold it tight?

    When he has nothing but slave and few coin, to a "mage" with power and probably bright future, who will not be a possesive jerk that hold every meat in his mouth? If you given power beyond, who will not be greedy? Wanna more and more? Hehe

    PS : I hate my english, so bad that I wanna smack my head for all mistake I wrote above, lol

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c129

    If you just started reading this, let me give you an advice I whish I had: don't waste your time on it.

    Although it's a good novel, with good potential for those who doesn't just want another vanilla story, the author gave up after chapter 129. It definitely should have a axed warning or something...

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    0 Likes · Like

    My favorite tags in the whole world. I would highly recommend the author Brian McGoldrick because there is a serious darkness in his books too.

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