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/ Series / A Fathers Wrath
A Fathers Wrath
A Fathers Wrath
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3.9 (85 ratings)
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Richall, Alexo (male, human, tourinese)
  • High Inquisitor - Grand Inquisition - Universal Church of Metia
Angelles, Avalina Faphyri (female, elf-human, tourinese)
  • Oracle - Universal Church of Metia
  • Princess - Kingdom of Tourin
  • Daughter of King Arter II of Tourin and Lady Filaurel Inialos Zimel Adceran of Granya
  • "Miss Complains-a-lot,"  "Easy elf"
One of the Church of Metia's most famous Oracles.  Leader of the expedition to summon the holy hero.
Trarendore, Chyal Elir Siora (female, elf, granyan)
  • Priestess - Faith of Amedee
Priestess from Granya, an ally of Tourin, sent to aid Oracle Avalina's expedition.
Mudarmour, Darabym (female, dwarf, thuriborn)
  • Paladin - High Temple of Chezot
Paladin from Thurl, an ally of Tourin, sent to aid Oracle Avalina's expedition.
Lianlaf, Huguet (male, human, tourinese)
  • the Lion
  • Marquis of Tourin - March of Vaegia (one of two Tourinese marches)
  • Lord General - Commands all Tourinese forces fighting Drasritor
  • "General grizzly"
Werclair, Petrus (male, human, aquecian)
  • the Clever Count
  • Count of Tourin - County of Cragspire - March of Vaegia
  • Aquecian Expat - Married into House Werclair
  • "Count monocle"
Olete (female, human, turinese)
  • the Owl of Boulderwind
  • Adventurer - Silver ranked - Fighter class
Adventurer hired to protect Oracle Avalina's expedition.
Gilend, Edelys (female, human, tourinese)
  • Knight Vice Captain - Order of the Black Hart (March of Vaegia)
  • Baroness - House Gilend - Titleless
  • "Edel"
Rowl (male, human, caladian)
  • Royal Knight Captain - Order of the Iron Hound (Kingdom of Calador)
  • Deceased
Seylia (female, beastkin, barbarian)
  • of the Eyjen
  • Slave - Duke Nigelle Airnett
  • Bodyguard - Duke Nigelle Airnett
Accompanying Duke Airnett, who joined Oracle Avalina's expedition.
Tin can
Airnett, Theovald (male, human, tourinese)
  • Royal Knight Captain - Order of the White Rose (Kingdom of Tourin)
  • Duke Nigelle Airnett's younger brother
  • "Captain Tin Can"
Ushalen (female, elf, granyan)
  • the Necromancer
Lucretia, Viridia (female, human, aquecian)
  • the Viper
  • Adventurer - Silver ranked - Scout class
Adventurer hired to protect Oracle Avalina's expedition.
Empire of Aquecia
  • Emperor Titus I
  • Patron Deity - Ariquon
  • Largest nation ruled by humans
  • Heavy discrimination against demi-humans and non-humans
  • At war with Drasritor
Dominion of Drasritor
  • Demon King Gazrakix
  • No patron or matron deity
  • The "demon" nation
  • At war with Tourin and Aquecia
Kingdom of Tourin
  • King Arter II
  • Matron Deity - Metia
  • Second largest nation ruled by humans
  • Light discrimination against demi-humans
  • Heavy discrimination against non-humans
  • At war with Drasritor
Divine Blade Sanctity
  • Holy Sword of Saint Sanriel
  • Aspect Anti-Infernal
  • Aspect Lightning
Demon Sword Tormentor
  • Infernal Blade of Demon Lord of Kriotux
  • Aspect Anti-Divine
  • Aspect Fire
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      Status: Volume 3: Chapter 2: Last Ball
      Jul 17, 2020

      This has become one of my top favorit storys to read and follow. At first I was not sure during the first arc as our MC got kicked around emotionaly, but man as soon as the second arc hit... he just starts kicking ass and taking names. The MC is honestly the only mentaly unstable hero I find relatable. Anyway, do not let the crazy stuff in arc one fool ya this is turning out to be a wonderfull screwed up world!

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ch 108
      Jul 27, 2020

      Worth a try

      Enjoyable reading experience in my opinion nothing really pulled me out of the story (grammar or spelling wise)

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 13: diary
      Jul 8, 2020

      This story is extreme but if it is your kind of story it is amazing, well after the first ten or so chapters, it takes a bit of time for the writer to get the atmosphere right. If you don't like it after the first 5-10 chapters then just drop it but if you feel like reading on even a bit then keep on reading

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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