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/ Series / Vylt: The New Dawn
Vylt: The New Dawn
Vylt: The New Dawn
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Mankind finds a way to use magic, but this great power comes with a price. A transaction that can't be refunded. Nora Hayes is a simple girl whose only worry is graduating high school. That is, until she faces this new reality. How will she, her family, and her friends deal with the aftermath of such event?

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Sneak Peek:

Next to the kitchen, there was a small squared table and two wooden chairs, each made from different wood. The bookshelf behind those contained a decent amount of books.

I stood up to take a closer look at them and even opened a few out of curiosity. While I could read most of them just fine, some of the oldest-looking books were written in a language I didn't recognize.

"Hm? Was my hand always blue?"

I didn't remember. In fact, I couldn't recall anything about myself, not even my name. Inspecting the rest of my body, I found that it was the same all over. I didn't feel sick; quite the opposite. Still, my blue skin felt out of place for some reason. Trying to find an answer to my situation, I kept investigating the odd room.

FantasyMatureSlice of Life
Age Regression Alternate World Amnesia Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Beastkin Comedic Undertone Confinement Death Demi-Humans Demons Discrimination Dwarfs Elves Fairies Family Female Protagonist Genetic Modifications Ghosts Humanoid Protagonist Identity Crisis Modern Fantasy Personality Changes Religions Vampires
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