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/ Series / 9 Nights in the Garden of Lilies: A Yuri Garden Anthology
9 Nights in the Garden of Lilies: A Yuri Garden Anthology
9 Nights in the Garden of Lilies: A Yuri Garden Anthology
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Welcome to the Garden of Lilies, where, for nine nights only, you can see the rarest of flowers bloom. What does it take to create a True Harem of beautiful women? What happens when professional rivals admit to less-than-hostile feelings for each other? And what does the ocean have to do with compulsory heterosexuality? To find out, you can only venture deeper in…

This collection is the product of the Yuri Garden’s first collaborative anthology event. Nine “dream scenarios” submitted by members during the 2019 Annual Survey were transformed into the prompts used in this event. Each tale completes its prompt to a T – beyond that depends on the author’s imagination.

The stories were originally released across nine consecutive nights, each at 9pm British Summer Time (GMT +1).

You can now read a description of the stories in the glossary, written up by Moonpearl.

You can see the full list of prompts and learn more about the event here:

ComedyDramaFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiRomance
Animal Characteristics Aristocracy Arranged Marriage Average-looking Protagonist Bisexual Protagonist Boss-Subordinate Relationship Collection of Short Stories College/University Criminals Death of Loved Ones Dense Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Discrimination Elves Enemies Become Lovers Heartwarming Human-Nonhuman Relationship Organized Crime Persistent Love Interests Pregnancy Royalty Showbiz Strong Love Interests Summoned Hero Yandere
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