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Paths of the Chosen
Paths of the Chosen
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3.9 (265 ratings)
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Daniel Stewart was chosen to alpha test a brand new Immersive VR game, "The Realms". What he doesn't know is that he has also been Chosen by one of the Powers of a far-off world, and is now a pawn in a game much bigger than any he thought he would ever participate in. Will he survive and thrive in this strange new world, or will he stumble and fall, shattered by the ambitions of another? Does he have what it takes to walk the Paths of the Chosen?


Inspired by the Chaos Seeds novels, TheDespaxas's The Gamer, and a wide variety of games and books, although the world, characters, and systems are my own. Expect high fantasy, magic, combat and intrigue, love and loss, grief and passion. This story is intended for adult audiences and contains explicit sexual content, profanity, and violence (including sexual violence, although not by the protagonist and not as a focus of the story). There is also a single very brief (1-2 paragraph) netorare rape scene. It is not tagged because it is not a focus of the story.

I prefer my stories to have happy endings, and especially in these uncertain times I feel that it is important to maintain hope. While this tale will reach some dark places, I promise to you that, when all is said and done, the villains will be justly punished and the heroes will prevail and prosper. Remember: it is darkest before dawn, but dawn always comes.

This story is also being posted on Royal Road.


Update schedule: Currently 1/week on Monday. Chapter length is roughly 2,500 words on average, +/- 1,000 words.


Cover art by Agri Karuniawan (@artofagri). View more of their work at


Discord (free to all):

BDSM Beastkin Caring Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World God-human Relationship Human-Nonhuman Relationship Magic Male Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist R-18 Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c61

    NTR Warning.

    The novel is well written, the characters seems mature enough and the MC is thinking ahead and is adaptable.
    However, it seems that the author confuse mature, adult and composed/level headed MC with the willingness to put him through one of the sloppiest NTR scenes of all times.
    A scene which doesn't add anything to the story, nothing to a possibly character growth, nothing to the dynamic of the couple involved, and worst of all, no consequences at all in the following order of things.

    Truly an oddity.

    Everything would have been fine, after all it IS his/her story, and the author has every right to do as he/she sees fit, and if that was all, I would not have written this review.
    However, when I read the author responses to the offended readers taken for a ride during 60+ chapters and feeling betrayed especially so in this kind of sloppy way, I decided to break my habits and address this issue beforehand and warn the future readers.

    While the author summarize the feelings of betrayal the readers felt as "immaturity" doubled down on this by a plethora of cucks and simps in the comments, it is interesting to note that the author himself/herself to this day isn't mature enough to add the appropriate tags for this serie, maybe afraid that his/her ego would drop a bit when the numbers doesn't align with his/her self image anymore if he/she did so.

    If as a reader you don't mind some out of context and useless plot twist leading to cucking, I suggest you read this novel, as it happens only once so far.
    Because frankly, appart from that, this novel is a true gem and a really well written piece of isekai'ed MC who use his brain and take names.

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    54 Likes · Like

    This novel was pretty good but then the Author decided to ruin it. Normally I dont write reviews but since nobody else did it I have decided to write is as an NTR waring. 

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    26 Likes · Like
    Status: chosen, chapter 38: how you like...

    What I liked:Well written with no big problems in the plot (that I can see at least), the MC is neither a pushover nor a psychopath, he also isn't a perfect being with no room for growth. This story's "Game-like System" isn't a "copy-paste" and neither is it hard to understand (I also like the design of the status, menu, etc...)

    What I disliked: Sometimes it feels like the characters overreact to some situations (


    for example, there's a scene where the heroine makes a joke that makes the MC feel a little bitter, normally people would just have an awkward moment and them the two would clarify themselves and get over it right? But it's like she gets offended over the fact that her joke stung him a little and just abruptly gives him the cold shoulder. It's not a big flaw, but moments like that feel a bit forced to me


    What isn't inherently bad, but some people dislike:The story is character focused, so it'll go a bit slow. This story has s*x scenes which will involve centaurs (and other monster girls), harem and BDSM (as you can see from the Tags), so if that's not your cup of tea you have been warned.

    Edit: There's rape in the story now (chapter 56), not meant to be appreciated mind you, but more of a terrible trauma for the characters. The Author gave a warning before the chapter, but I still think he should have put it in the tags

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: c61

    This is an absolutely amazing novel, a real hidden gem. The vibes are similar to Summoned Again?, and Supreme Magus, with a little bit of isekai humor / cliches. 

    However, a warning to those before they get too invested -


    Chapter 54 is a real emotional trigger imo, as it's basically borderline / arguably netorare (the bad ntr), so if you can't handle that, don't read this. Besides those scene, the majority of this novel is really heartwarming however, so if you can at least tolerate it, give it a go. For those wondering, the scene is similar in emotional levels (but not as bad trauma wise) as in Endless Path Infinite Cosmos - if you're familiar with that.


    With that aside, this is a really good story, and possibly one of the most underrated stories on this site

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c28

    AMAZING. HOW DID I NOT DISCOVER THIS WORK OF ART SOONER! The snu snu & SMUT is on point and I like the traditional medieval English writing style the author adopts. It's really well written and reminds me of those professional fantasy novels I liked and read from the library with my bookworm friend in my senior highschool and college days. On top of this, the romance between the MC and centaur love interest that I've read so far has been very heartwarming and sweet with a touch of spice. 5/5

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chosen, chapter 47: inspecting the resounding...

    Very good and well written story. None of the characters feel forced and are very fleshed out for how far into the story I have been.  Only complaint is that its a smut that pulls you in and makes you stay for the story. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: champion, chapter 72: dark clouds gather

    Easily one of the best light novels I've ever read and I've read hundreds. 

    Word play is what I find most prominent in the novel and it makes it so much more interesting to read without any of the cringe. It did get some getting used to though.

    Characters all have unique personalities, some cliche, but ALL well thought out and complimenting the story with their fun interactions.

    The story is slow paced for the most part, usually describing each day, few skips and less often we see multiple POV's when the characters are spread out. Lot of smut too lol.

    I binge read the whole novel in a less than 3 days.

    I was delaying reading this novel for months now because of the "low" rating for a novel with 100+ chapters despite a lot of readers until I realised why, when I finally gave it a shot;


    For having one chapter where the MC's soulmate gets s*xually assualted. The MC even IMMEDIETELY saves her and gets revenge with no lasting trauma to either of them. It was honestly a tear jerking yet satisying scene.


    Whether it was vital to the story, unnecessary or "too much" is subjective which I'll admit, but to immedietely deduct rating for an otherwise fantastic novel or even to go as far as writing reviews focussing only on that chapter???, is a sign of immaturity and it destroys the effort the author has put into this novel, which you can read for FREE!!! 

    It's an amazing story and if you like fantasy adventures with well thought out stories.

    Give it a shot. You will not regret it.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c1

    Detailed but not complicated plot, good story line and the best thing for me is making babies for "MONSTER GIRLS WAIFUS" 
    This novel kinda MORE plots and LESS s*x scenes, at least s*x scenes are pretty hot. So I'm not gonna give much comment regarding this, because the plots are AWESOME.
    If you are just looking for s*xual contents, there are tons of smut novels out there that give more s*xual contents.

    I'm gonna say just like "tevey_tv" said "HOW DID I NOT DISCOVER THIS WORK OF ART SOONER!"



    I won't say much about spoilers. MC got stuck on VR game and system/goddess give MC some "QUESTS" regarding making babies with some MONSTER GIRL race


      TRULY HIDDEN GEM (especially when you are fans of monster girls)

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: champion, chapter 27: a mother’s...

    Really good s*x novel. Well ok not just s*x, the action and plot are also great. 

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    2 Likes · Like
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