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4.7 (159 ratings)
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Dylan is your average nerd. He works downtown for an architecture firm during the day and enjoys all manner of games and media in his spare time. But while Dylan likes all forms of sci-fi and fantasy, he really likes the genre of superheroes.

So when an indie company releases a virtual reality MMO where players choose to play as heroes or villains, Dylan immediately buys into it. He has a specific type of character he really enjoys watching, something that always makes his inner child laugh in delight. The Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Yes, those inept, bungling, yet highly dangerous villains found in so many of Dylan's cartoons as a child. He loves how they always come up with strange ways to conquer the world and how they get thwarted every weekend. He remembered laughing at every silly antic, every cliched shout of "Curses! Foiled again!" He loves it so much he decides to take this idea into the MMO.

But to grab a playerbase, the company has announced a promotion that players with a high enough reputation can get contacted to become permanent raid bosses in the game. Those chosen will be paid as if employees of the company. Serious players all hoping to live the dream of playing videogames all day rush to purchase copies of World of Supers!

What will happen when Dylan, someone playing the game for fun, clashes with these overly serious players?

Story Discord:

Comedic Undertone Crime Evil Protagonist Game Elements Game Ranking System Gamers MMORPG RPG Special Abilities Virtual Reality
Table of Contents 240
Reviews 11
Table of Contents
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    Status: 64 – sweet creations

    This story is a bit of a jab at the serious VR stories out there, the MC is guy who just plays for fun in a revolutionary game where everyone is competing for supremacy, the jokes are fun, the characters are interesting and the fights are cool. Overall an entertaining read

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    Status: 96 – the earth rises

    I started off loving this story. A guy who becomes absorbed into becoming a villain in a game. It was funny, it was creative, it twisted clichés on their heads. It was written well. 

    It slowly dropped. The plot became less thrilling, less fun, less chaotic. It became hard to read. The story became less about the villain coming up with creative means to troll others, and more about the guy who has problems with his life and some issues with the game company. Don't misunderstand, the story is still well written and entertaining, however, it seemed... lacking.

    I feel I was hyped up for a new movie, only to be shown a power point presentation. Despite the power point presentation being world class, the expectation of a movie created disappointment and boredom.

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    Status: 88 – heading home

    Atm I'm writing this review, this fiction has 60 ratings with the average of 4.9 stars. I can tell that this is absolutely well deserved. 

    The story flows very smoothly. There are no high stakes or crazy drama but it's still very engaging and easy to get immersed in. All the characters and the interactions between them feel alive and the small little details really fall into place to paint the whole picture.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: up to date chapter 112 game...

    This is a wonderful Lrpg, without number crunching and stats but with things that make gaming fun for me. Roleplaying and menus and games. It's even better is that it's VR and doesn't have all that meta garbage of typing on keyboards and hand-fastness or min-maxing.  It's a monument to good storytelling and characterization, I love the MC and each of the characters around him. They seem to enhance and feed into each other rather than the center of the universe revolving around the MC. Since they each their own goals and reasons why they play, all in all, I can't wait to continue reading. 

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    Status: 75 - build up

    I have to say, this novel has been one of the most entertaining reads I have come across, ever. 

    I love the way that the MC comes up with and interacts with the mechanics of this game.

    Of course, if you aren't a fan of roleplaying or really anything pertaining to superpowers, I still suggest you give this a read. It might just give you a surprise.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c-252

    Absolutely the best novel I have ever read on this site.

    Granted, it's not perfect and there are quite a few plot holes in terms of reasoning for characters to do things and even a few forgotten gadgets.

    But hey, compared to other trash infesting this site, like "Refining the rivers and mountains." where the writer constantly gives the character items that can solve specific problems, only to forget them entirely when said problem pops up.

    This writer almost never forgets to make use of their chekhov's guns. And boy, do they have a lot of them. And it's brilliant.

    The Jacques were an absolute delight to read about, their antics literally, and I do mean literally. Almost killed me with laughter. I legit almost died from the amount of laughter they caused me in the earlier chapters. I have asthma FYI.

    I would highly recommend that anyone looking to actually enjoy their time spent reading, to pick up this novel.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: some chapter around 100

    i quit reading this a while back because I felt that the authors intent with the story misaligned with what I wanted from it and expected when I started

    anyways 10/10 amazing sh*t great start but it starts to feel really slowed down later

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: 96 – the earth rises

    Not going to lie, I was kind of frustrated that Dr. Zlo have to return the alien mothership despite how much efforts put in the plan, and also Thomas who almost put the entire city under his control but the company say no.

    Despite that though, I enjoy the read and the author clearly know what he was doing. Keep it up!

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    Status: c26

    A story with an incredibly interesting concept of the main character playing as a classic cartoon villain, causing various ridiculous escapades.


    The world feels quite empty of players. The abundant playerbase should have been focused on more.

    There is not really any endgoal the story drives towards. The MC is not really working towards anything. Just preparation for his fun escapades and strengthening his forces for even bigger escapades. This makes the story feel a bit lost and purposeless. 

    The space between escapades is too big. Too much focus on preparation for the escapades, and some of it should have been cut off to make the story less slow place. The escapades are the highlight after all. 

    The experience system is kinda off. In a pvp game the rewards from winning should be bigger than losses when losing. You lose more "xp" when getting killed in 1v1 battles than if you win. 

    No description for how Dylan looks. 

    Insane amount of chapters. 

    There is probably more but I am not skilled enough as a writer to see it. Yet. 


    Undoubtedly excellent grammar. 

    Pretty good writing that feels decent to read. Though exactly how good it is, I am unable to discern. Yet.

    Great concept. 

    It is really fun to read, although it wore off for me after a while due to the cons I have stated. 

    It is obvious that the story is not made by an amateur. It has generally good quality. Though some patience is needed when reading it. Try it out.

    And the


    Gender bender gun

    Is bloody hilarious. 

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    Status: --

    Vaudevillain, enter the virtual reality of superheroes and supervillains. Dylan an average comic nerd, seeks for the fun and thrill created a villain character based on comical shady scientiss on children hero shows.

    This is great. Undeniably so. Unfortunately, I'm dropping it. The premise and story was getting together, to be honest? I was only here on Vaudevillain for the MC and his antics. I'm not saying it was gone, but horribly so it's overshadowed by the upcoming arcs. Everything was going smoothly for me, until, the author wanted to be a tad more realistic. He made developers problems, game company problems, it was just so.. out of touch. I was here for a comical villain with VR enjoyment, not for some company problems. 

    The characters? Not that interesting but not bland either, it's a matter of subjective.  The friend and MC have this some sort of good potential that is just.... destroyed by company problems. Company problems. 

    I'm dissapointed since I read this in hopes of villain vs hero. But I got freaking company problems.

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