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/ Series / Frail Body? Who Cares I Have Powerful Magic!
Frail Body? Who Cares I Have Powerful Magic!
Frail Body? Who Cares I Have Powerful Magic!
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4.4 (23 ratings)
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Born with a frail body, but an exceptional talent for magic, Erina dreams of adventuring through the world.
Collapsing due to exhaustion? Who cares? I'm still alive!
Enemies? Didn't I tell you I have magic?
Getting lost? Ah, you know, good point that's a problem...
Watch Erina make friends, and try to enjoy life to the fullest!
"C'mon Yuiko let's have some fun!"
"Aiya Erina! I still need to study okay? I'm busy right now! I forgot to prepare for the test tomorrow!"
"Aww... Fine, then I'll go explore without you!"
"Hahhhh okay... Don't get lost though!"
"I won't!"
"Huh? This doesn't look right... where am I..."
This is my first novel so please have mercy on me...
This is going to be a pretty fluffy and slow story~ so if you don't like that... I guess don't read it? But like, who doesn't like fluff?
Also I completely forgot I had an action tag until like 40 chapters in... so yeah it's a lotta fluff till then... but then there is action... I promise!
Aiming for 1 chapter every 2 days currently~
PS I do not own the image, if you do and want me to take it down, please message me.
Also posted on Webnovel~

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveRomanceSlice of Life
Age Progression Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Carefree Protagonist Doting Older Siblings Doting Parents Girl's Love Subplot Heartwarming Heterochromia Late Romance Magic Magical Technology
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      New ZaberKAT
      Status: 20: suzuki’s test
      Jul 14, 2020

      the books decent so far, the premise is good, the characters have been well introduced. The world building has been eh pretty good (over explaining certain things), but the author notes in the middle of the chapter kind of get rid of the immersion. I understand that you are trying to clarify something, but there are ways around that for example: have the curious 7 year old with her first time attendance not understand something and ask (like what you had been doing 2 chapters ago (chapter18-20)) or you can quite simply not say anything and explain it later if necessary. In chapter 20 I thought it would be quite obvious even without the note, because that it is a "talent" test it would stand to reason that this is measuring their talent for the major branches of magic and that magic wouldn't be just divided by type, emitted or otherwise, unless specified as part of the power system. One thing most new authors do is explain things that don't need explaining, most of the time readers can put 2 and 2 together and get 4, but if you do need too, or at least feel you need to, go ahead, you will get used to what you have to say with time. In my opinion all you need is some time and practice writing, you have a great foundation writing you just need to work out the kinks.

      Also big plus on the release rate so far, not sure (I forget if it was mentioned or not) if book is from different site and just posting until caught up or actual writing speed but there seems to be new chapters everyday (yes chapterS capital "S" to empathize multiple chapters) sometimes 2 sometimes 3 though that might be because of me and my checking my list like once a day so take that with a grain of salt.

      TL:DR book good, with time to grow, better.

      (chapter progress at time of post, only 20 chapters in)

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