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/ Series / Lord of the Ancient (古代の主)
Lord of the Ancient (古代の主)
Lord of the Ancient (古代の主)
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Does true love even exist anymore?

I devoted everything to her, she was the pearl in my palm, I would even sacrifice my life for her. Everything I did, I did for her love. To meet her expectations yet...what awaited me was the cruelest of betrayals.

Was I wrong?

All I asked was to be accepted to have my feeling reciprocated. Is that too much to ask for?

There is nothing left for me in this world, all that I’ve given can never be returned. That’s’s better to just abandon it all.

Maybe the next time I open my eyes, a better world awaits.

『 Ṃ̸̢̥͂͌͗̈́̈̾̅̈́̚a̵̤͕̮̟̜̙͕͓̲̱̭̭͆͒̓͗̋̆̃̓͛̑̊̆ş̸͇͇̘̱̣̟̬͖͕͙̩̔̅̆̏̆͘͝ͅt̶̢̛̛͕̜͉̘͙̙̺͙̖̠͒̔́͊͒̅̄̋̈́̄͛̔͝ͅe̸̻̩͗̔͛͐́̂̕͠r̷̟̪̜̪͇̖̒̊͛̀̈͋̚,̷̡̢͍̥͚͊̓̍̄̒̑͌̈́̌̎͘͘̚̕͝ ̶̡̡̗͕̮̱͈̯̬͖͓̀̃͆̓̈́̃̆̚͘͘I̸̫̓̍̔̍͒̕ ̴͙̏̾̌͒͑͘͝͝͠w̸̢̙̳̜̯̳̯̬̳͕͚̠̻͉̒̈́̉̐́̿̕̕͜ȋ̶͈͉͇̭̲̲͓̬̰̝͓̄͜l̸̛̛̮̳̿̓̓̈́́͊́̍̕͝l̴͉͖̣̠͕͎͒̇̌͑͂̄͗̓͠ ̶̧̝͕͖͎̪̬͉̞̞̮̜̼̓̋͊͊͜͜ņ̴̙̤͔͖̇̓̉̅ͅê̴̬̼͜v̸͙͉̏̀̈̔̎̃̃́͛͝e̸̢̫͚̭̱͕̠̠͎̥̤͇͒́͐͂͛̎̆̈́̒̕̕͝r̷̢̝̹̥̫̤͇̙̟̗̗̯̩̦̥͌̌̂͒̊͛̌̍̇̊͘͘̕ ̷̧̡͈͉̦̣̽͌̈́̓̎̔͂͝ä̷̫͕̦̭̤̔̾̓̿̚b̵͎̟̝̺͙̱̫͇͗̈́͒ā̶̠̹̼͓̱͚̲̝̉̍̐̕͠͝n̴̢̹̞̫̱̬̭̖̫̟͍͆͗͋̋͋͊d̵̰͂̀̉̑̾o̸̬̽͌̒̈̽͗͝͝n̷̖̭̫̠̑̂͛̋͛̈́ ̶̢̧̩̼͎̦͙̳̾̋̑̉̌̚y̴̛̮̙̥̒̋̾͆̆̄̍̀͑̑̚͝ỏ̷̤̪̬̔̾̌̑̍́̏̅̊̚̚͝u̵̢͕̹̲̮̮̳͕̟̼̪̅̀̓̇̇͋̓̈́̿͝ 』

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Adventurers Aristocracy Army Building Artifacts BDSM Betrayal Demi-Humans Depression Devoted Love Interests Dragons Elves Empires Hidden Abilities Human-Nonhuman Relationship Inferiority Complex Loyal Subordinates Master-Servant Relationship Nobles R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Slaves Strong Love Interests Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    The novel is nice. The MC is observant and thinks about what's going on. The other characters don't feel like they're there just to say how cool the MC is; I actually want to read more about them. One really nice potential point in the novel is the introduction of an enemy group that has a relatable cause instead of just "we're evil, so we do evil things." Hopefully they'll be fleshed out later on.

    But there are two key issues I have with this novel so far.

    1. Much of the novel so far is spent detailing different types of magic and how the MC trains himself to use them, but every time something major happens in the story, he's saved by some mysteries power that is neither earned, nor understood, so it hardly feels like it has any relationship to him. Why should the readers spend time reading about the magic and him learning magic if it's useless because he'll just be saved over and over by some other power?

    2. The MC's personality seems conflicting.


    He kills himself in the first chapter because his wife cheats on him even though he gave up so much of his life for her, and he stops believing in true love. But then when he sees some beautiful girl, he gushes about how so amazingly beautiful she is, and that he "fell in love at first sight." It's frustrating to read about an MC that was set up as a mature adult, who is experienced in relationships and hurt enough to commit suicide, turn instantly into a hormone-drunk teenager because this random girl is just sooo beautiful.

    The MC is supposed to be a transmigrated adult, but he has moments where he just seems like a normal child. At one point, his friend is obviously being curt and putting polite facade towards some of his "friends." The MC notices this oddness himself, but still asks if they're his friends. His friend replies, "something like that, " and the MC innocently stutters, "w-what do you mean?" as if he's completely clueless.


    Honestly, this novel is not bad. In fact, it's better than a lot of novels I've read. The first problem could be simply fixed by just adding chapters where his magic actually has impact on the story or major events, and I've only read 14 chapters, so the author probably has those planned.

    The second problem, however, is much harder to solve. I think it comes from the author not knowing if s/he wants the MC to be a mature transmigrator with a dark past or a driven teenager with family/nobility problems. The only advice I could offer the author would be to take some time to clearly think about, and then write down (for yourself) who the MC was, who he is now, and how he would act in any future events in this story. 

    But don't let my opinion stop you. I call them "problems, " but if you (the author) like your MC the way he is, then great! Keep going because the person that should enjoy a novel the most is its author.

    Edit for clarification:

    My thought is that an adult who was hurt so badly that he committed suicide and has said himself that true love doesn't exist wouldn't be willing to open up and love others easily. It would normally take someone emotionally scarred a long time and many struggles like therapy and self reflective thinking to even have a deep friendship let alone love someone again.

    And yet love at first sight is the complete opposite. It's like saying I want to share the rest of my life and have them be as important to me as my family all because I saw them once and they looked really pretty. It's a really naive thought that I could only see a happy teenager making. 

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    Status: ch31 - back to the...

     To start this review I want to say: This is a good novel. It's very well-written and has top-notch grammar, the thing is, it may not be your cup of tea, and I will explain why.

     First of all, I will talk about the good points, one of them being the sad parts. The author does a really good job at the sad parts here (which there is quite a lot), the things that happen are relatable and you feel bad for the MC.

     Now for the magic system: It is quite unique and well explained, magical ores, mana transfer, mind magic, everything makes sense and is not just random bullsh*t thrown together. 

     The grammar, as I said in the top, is extremely good, the history has a good pace, being not too slow nor too fast.  

    That NTR tag at the first chapter may scare a lot of people, but I assure you, it doesn't mean much, it is purely to develop the mc's personality, you don't get attached to the woman, there is no sadness, only the will to see that bitch suffer, which, surprise, happens later.

    The story keeps getting better and better, the author listens to the readers and improves himself, which is a big plus.

    Now for the bad points, starting with the mc's maturity. The MC acts in a very contradictory way, he is a adult reincarnated in the body of a child, which means his mind would still be of an adult, but sometimes he acts as a 15 year old, an example:  After not believing in true love because of the NTR incident, he sees the princess of the country and feels love at first sight, that really doesn't make much sense.

    That could be more of a personal opinion but there could be more words talking about his training


    Like when he learned the superior Ignis from Elras

    otherwise it just seems he got them at a "coincidental" time of need.

     All in all, it's a great novel, the bad points I talked about before are proeminent only in the first 10-15 chapters, after that it's a much more smooth sail, the author really is putting an effort and I'm very excited to see what's coming next.

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    Status: ch22 — peculiar bond

    Yeah, it's just not worth your time. These reviews are very kind, but at best it's a 3 star work. Some are nice to a ridiculous extent. Five stars? Really?

    Nothing happens, the protagnist is a beta personality moping around 9/10 the time making the worst possible decisions, not  living up to his past experience, ogling slave girls because he's so creepy no one wants near him and that really shows when you read his monologue or see the way he comports himself, and he uses exactly zero of his Earth knowledge for magic or anything. Despite having been in the best possible scenario for it. He literally never even tried once to use his Earth knowledge.

    What in the hell is the point of that first chapter and all that training? It was such a waste of build-up narratives when he ends up just "falling in love at first sight" like a teenager confusing attraction for love. The morbid start and training served no purpose and was invalidated more than once.

    Does his mother care? Why didn't she get him a real noble teacher then? You could take out the first few arcs and it would change nothing with the narrative. Though it might improve the tone.

    Why do people like this? It's not even some introspective emo masterpiece either like some are making it out to be. That guy's review is blowing smoke up your ass and sounds pretentious as hell in his 5-star review.

    I about went out of my mind just getting this far in. You have to be an M, beta, or cuck yourself to like that. Which is fine, I'm not shaming that, but don't act superior or be surprised when people don't share that with you.

    People don't read to make themselves sad or to cry about their life. They want to escape and have fun. This doesn't even live up to the tags. I also rarely give one-star reviews. This is one of the few to balance out the disingenuous reviews.

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    Status: c13

    I found the second problem descripted in the review of amaiakagane too big too ignore. He is a damn adult that get shocked because his wife betrays him, he make a monologue about women, how love doesn't exist ecc... And then he fall in love at first sight with a MINOR like this!?  

    Precedently he was injured by a spear and when, how it should be, he got questioned of the origins of the injury he doesn't know what to say, and he got saved miracolously because the butler brings a letter that distract his questioner?! Really!!? He 's way too slow (mentally), there a lot of inconsistencies, it too slow with  the plot and the author doesn't compensate with his style.

    Sorry but for me it's too boring, and frustrating.  

    Chapter 15/16

    And now he acts as a teen... "I know that you wish a women that"...  Come on, really!? Just by saying generic stuff that almost every man would like you got hooked like that? Man, he is S T U P I D 

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    7 Likes · Like

    Spoiler Warning - Story Arcs are summarised in this review, read at your own risk!

    This is an interesting tale.  Our MC begins by discovering his wife, Karin, whom he thought he shared a mutual love with, was having an affair, and over the worst kind of reason, selfish greed and want of a better lifestyle in a manner far quicker than our MC was able to provide, even though he would have obtained it in due time.  Feeling a profound sense of betrayal and loss, he cannot come to terms with it, and commits suicide.  His justice being his own death bringing her to ruin.  This opening salvo resonated with me as someone who went through a similar thing in my own life, feeling acutely that same send of darkness and despair, and was the hook to pull me in from the very first chapter.

    Waking up in a new world and in a new body of young unappreciated noble Renald, he struggles to cope at first with the hand this new life has dealt him.  Ostracized by the children from his Baron father's other wives, he is taken care of almost exclusively by his maid, the family butler, and his mother who he has trouble bonding with, due to not having one previously on earth.  Despite her attempts to dote on him, he is reluctant to trust and love anyone.  I felt this part to be very realistic in that even though he occupied a new body and belonged to a new family, even with time, not all things can be easily assimilated into.  Our author shows this with great sublety.

    He pursues his desire to learn attack and defense magic through training by an adventurer.  Though he struggled hard to learn it, much later it's almost all for naught when he learns how vast the gap is between the magics of the commoners and the nobles are in the human sphere of civilization.  Later, Renald becomes of age to attend an academy, and finds that he is not quite suited for attack and defensive magic, but instead that of the mind.  Being involved in logistics, engineering, and communication, he finds his place with the help of his dragonkin teacher in the field of the <Wits> school of magic, and a passion for learning the history of this new world he is in.  I felt he retains a great sense of self here, and even with a reincarnation into what would ostensibly be a better starting situation for his new life, not all things are sunshine and rainbows, even if taking the opportunities given.

    Along the way he makes friends with other nobles who share his dormitory, one who bears a grudge against elvenkind, and one who wishes to pursue the mercy of the Goddess Maria.  These friends help Renald grow, even though he still has a hard time trusting others.  Here we also see a good amount of character and worldbuilding laid out before us, and the academy arc I felt fleshed out Renald's character more than his youth.

    He loves from afar a princess of the kingdom, but a reality check in the form of her cruelty to those of a lesser status reinforces his original decision that love is a lie.  This brings him to acquire an elven slave girl, Siana, but... even with a slavery collar, not even she can say she loves him, remaining deeply in love with her own lover back in the elven lands she thought she might never see again.  He suffers once more the despair of being unloved, only burdened further by more regrets of love lost, though he gains a merit by learning one of the more powerful spells in the <Wits> school of magic in this cruel trade off.  I felt this part of the story was ripe with exploring Renald's emotional self, hoping for the best in hopeless situation.  He just wanted to be allowed a fantasy of being able to love someone again, willing to take a risk, and getting crushed not just once, but twice.  I was far more depressed at the loss of the slave elf, but understood her circumstances as the author presented them, and felt sad when Renald also had to come to term with knowing but hoping still there was a chance.

    An archaeological expedition brings him to a ruin where he recovers a pair of swords that allows him to summon forth the greatest of dragons, Naga. It is here, with a new companion that desires to establish a relationship with the one she calls master, for reviving her in this new age... that Renald may learn what love is really about, and that perhaps his whole life up until now, was just to finally find her... Shen.  Shen so far has been presented to us as a being once revered and now lost to time, someone who is also alone, though far more confident about it than Renald.  What would you do if an ultimate power moved and acted on your behalf?  Even Renald might not know that answer anytime soon.

    The story overall is dark and depressing but it has every reason for being.  Our MC is not an alpha chad who face slaps, but is highly defensive and protective of his own self and psyche.  This is a deep delve into someone living with that mindset.  And despite him having knowledge of modern Earth, it's not like there is every opportunity to make use of it without also making huge waves.  

    I look forward to every chapter that our author, KyoruS, brings us, and can only hope our MC finds a way back to believing in himself, others, and eventually love itself.  Each character is written quite well, with their own motivations and goals both on screen and off, and even the few scenes with lovemaking aren't over the top at all.

    This is a five-star series, and don't let any of those serial offending negative-giving reviewers fool you into their half-assed reviews which were made too early, or from only skimming the chapters, or by not comprehending the actual story itself.

    In time this will be one of the great stories on ScribbleHub you may find yourself being recommended when asking the question "What's good to read?"

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    Status: CH44 — The Dragon’s Heart &...

    I used to be a long-time lurker in SH (and this story) but after seeing the large amount of negative harsh reviews (some understanable and have valid points, while others none whatsoever) this story recently received that I feel undeserved, It prompts me to create an account to write down my take on this story.

    This story is quite good (great grammar as the story progresses, simple but great prose, nice details about the world that adds depth to the world building) and I feel most of these harsh review stems from not noticing that the story has "depression" and "inferiority complex" tags to it.

    But yes, the story here features depressive (and emotionally weak) MC that were although given OP powers by the classic "god gives reincarnators OP powers" cliche, were still given a very bad card in life due to both his upbringing in his past life and new's life family. That his OP powers simply couldn't help with. The way the author potrays the MC having depression due to his circumstance adds more depth to the MC's character and feels very human, something you rarely see in most other stories. With actual flaws and weakness. And the way the MC expresses (in its internal monologue) his desires, needs, and worries is definitly one of the strong points of this story.

    One might could argue that one of the events that lead the MC to this pitiful state might feels forced. Personally I found them within reason and not as forced as other stories that tackles on depressive MC and the MC doesn't act like an idiot either.

    But like any other stories, this story has its own flaws. I recently noticed the story add the yandere tag which didn't exist when this story first published. Although one could argue that the latest dragon girl might be a yandere, with her strong devotion towards the MC, what we have so far doesn't showcases her personality having that mentally crazy stuff that we usually associates with yandere (maybe the unconditional love tag fits more than yandere?)

    And other flaws were already mentioned by other reviewers here that I agree (amaikagane and miup).

    For the author, as long as in future chapters you show us the MC developing to become a wise and better person then ignore the negative reviews, they are simply like people who hate pineapple pizza but eats them nontheless and then complain its bad.

    For fellow readers, if you are willing to put long investment in a story and are fine with depressive MC with depth and feels very human then this story is within your taste. If you are looking for a quick read of the cliche OP MC bulldozing every problems then this is definitly not for you.

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    Status: ch33 — mother’s embrace

    The story is written very well. Even though it can get depressing at times dont let that take anything away from it. 

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    Status: ch 21 (edit)

    LotA is an interesting read, to this point. In the beginning when I started, I had maybe one or two brief points of confusion; but it did clear up as I kept reading. This wasn't what I traditionally read before, and while the 'Prologue' type beginning is skippable without ruining the rest of it, I did read it nevertheless. (Skip the next spoiler if you don't like to be spoilt.)


    It opens on a betrayal in a relationship, driving the MC to end his own life... in rather dramatic fashion. I hope, in all seriousness, no human takes this chapter to heart as something to do also. Aside from that... when it came to the end of the MC's life, the stretched out paragraph spacing is pretty spot-on.


    Also I love how KyoruS set up the characterizations. The MC when finding himself in the new life is confronted finally with a 'doting mother' who genuinely cares for her son. I found this definitely refreshing, in regards to what others skip in terms of the parent/child relationships. At first I assumed a buildup to a mom who would end up 'son-con' but... it never happened (and KyoruS assured me that is not the intent). Like I said, refreshing. And the theme carries out, even through to this chapter ten where I am now.

    All in all... it sets a high bar for other writers to follow. I did get 'lost' only temporarily in a couple scene transitions, but did mention them through PM or discord; I find KyoruS to have been a kind person to chat with too, so there's that. I'd suggest to at least give this a try if you're not wanting the same old cookie cutter reincarnation story.

    I wanted to try rating 4.5 but SH doesn't do halves apparently. On the contrary, I do think dropping down to a 4 would not do it justice too; so for now, it gets the full "5 star" treatment from me. I hope it continues on in as genuine a pacing as KyoruS can give it. Kudos to you, KyoruS!

    Edit: I am at chapter 21 now and will say I still feel this about the story. While I would have like more exposition on why the elves are demeaned as 'barbaric' it's KyoruS' story so I'll just say I'm still reading....

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    Status: ch-10

      Alright ten chapters... time for the shaming. Honestly speaking I can so no major flaws. The story follows a reasonable pace, the MC has a brain, the writing style is smooth with a great flow, and the grammar is on point.

      The start is great and while things do slow down a bit the author does a good job presenting information in a natural and interesting way using the charectors perspective.

      Five stars for now but that might change in the future as so far there are only 10 chapters but so far it's a great start.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: ch44

    This reads like a terrible comedy. It's one thing to read a mediocre webnovel but this isn't mediocre — it's terrible. It was a chore to read at first but now it's a pain. It's a sh*t sandwich. The author overexplains everything like his readers are wee little children. He makes it sound like everyone wakes up in the morning, helplessly sh*ts and pisses themselves, then realizes that they're biting the plaster off their walls for breakfast. I simply can't believe this is one of the top (yandere) novels of Scribblehub. I can't even bother to be outraged about this fact.

    And although I want to talk about the characters but I couldn't care less. They barely exist. The protagonist is not there; he's shallow, emptier than a Klein bottle, and I don't have much to say about him.


    I had high expectations of him at the beginning, after he got rejected by his university or whatever, but oh well.


    But hey, look at the bright side, the female characters almost... almost feel like human beings when you compare them to the other characters. Bravo.

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