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/ Series / The world traveler from the future
The world traveler from the future
The world traveler from the future
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The world, under the guide of the System, was prospering. The Dungeons gifted untold riches to those brave enough to challenge them, and the System watched and helped those who were willing to complete its Quests.

But not Charles. As soon as he appeared inside a dark cave, the system told him that he was an anomaly, that he was not worthy of its gifts.

His mind was damaged. His AI companion was convinced that he was in a world of sword and magic. All around, schemers and manipulators tried to play their part in a story that was thousands of years old. Spanning entire planes and worlds. And yet, he only saw what he wanted to see. For a while, it worked. Slowly, but inevitably, it became impossible. The threat was too big to ignore, the evidence too strong.

He was just a pawn in a game so large that it was impossible to comprehend.

At its center, the System. The System was not what it seemed. It was a tyrant, or maybe just a tool created by someone or something so powerful that it could control entire worlds.

And it had declared him its enemy.

Many thanks to Damiano, who helps with the world building and the character building.

Many thanks to Fuyu Dust for the cover art.

One new chapter every Friday.

Patreon - get early access to chapters weeks before they come out.

Discord - chat with me and other creators.

Animal Characteristics Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Artifact Crafting Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Crafting Cultivation Demons Engineer Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Kingdom Building Magic Magical Technology Monsters Narcissistic Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Ruthless Protagonist Technological Gap
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      Status: c14
      Aug 1, 2020

      A great story that blends Sci-fi with fantasy elements!

      We've got multidimensional characters and a brutal world that our MC intends to prepare for "colonization"

      And let's not forget our alpha MC, who has a mission to accomplish and he ain't about to let no medieval simpleton stop his plan.

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