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The ancient mages disappeared during a dreadful war, taking along with them their extensive knowledge of magic, therefore causing the whole world to experience a decline. The Dark Age continued for almost a thousand years before the civilisation was finally able to rise again. Alas, some things are never meant to be…

Rath Helenos, born into an aristocrat family, is sent to train at Prediaf Academy, a prestigious training ground in the Kingdom of Viltheous. Much to his family’s chagrin however, Rath harbours no ambition of becoming a mage, despite possessing a stunning aptitude for magic. However, a string of events force him to glimpse into the secrets of the past, leading him to question his own morality. As Rath treads between the line of good and evil, he’d find his friendships and loyalties being tested.

Desclaimer: I do not own the cover.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyRomanceSchool Life
Academy Aristocracy Arrogant Characters Artifacts Assassins Battle Academy Beautiful Female Lead Carefree Protagonist Character Growth Clever Protagonist Destiny Doting Parents Elemental Magic Genius Protagonist Hard-Working Protagonist Kingdoms Magic Master-Disciple Relationship Nobles Older Love Interests Summoning Magic Weak to Strong Wizards
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